Living in Port Moresby..... safe for gay expats?


I'm considering taking up a position in Port Moresby towards the end of the year. I am also gay and can't find much stuff to read about life in Port Moresby.

I know homosexuality is illegal, but I have read that this is rarely, if ever, enforced. Can anyone let me know if this is true, and if it is generally OK for gay people. I won't be walking down the street frocked up so I won't be that 'out' there.

I have also read that parts of Port Moresby are unsafe and I shouldn't walk alone even during the day. I have also heard that there are many robberies from expats. Anyone got any comments on this?

Any information would be great.

Thanks, Anth.

Hello Cococh 1978

This is a very late reply so I am not sure if you are in Australia or have already taken up a position in Port Moresby. If you are in Port Moresby, then I take it that you must have gather at least some information about being gay in Port Moresby.

But if you are still considering coming to Port Moresby and would like to know more about living in Port Moresby for gay expat, let me know and I can provide you with some information.

I am from PNG but had been living abroad for a while. I got back to PNG at the beginning of 2010, and have been living in Port Moresby since. Port Moresby is not the safest place to live, but it's not very dangerous either. I think it's a matter of being in the right place at the right time. There are things you won't find in Port Moresby such as a gay pub etc. Not much here in terms of entertainment...

Anyway, let me know if you are still considering going to PNG, and I will try to provide more information regarding living in PNG as gayman.


png IS VERY DANGEROUS GAY OR NOT, I have been living here only 2 months and i learn that almost every long term expat i work with has been stabbed twice, shot at and robbed regularly. Malaria is also a problem. I'm still trying to understand why with all of this in the life they choose to stay. I think one reason is money without question. The other reason i feel is because the expats i know treat the local people with contempt and disregard for them even been human sometimes. Something they wouldn't get away with in Oz. It saddens me to see the way some locals are treated. My stay i feel will be a short one. Good luck with yours

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I am an Indian staying in Port moresby since last 3 years.  If u have any doubts u can contact me.

depending on your will power, make a choice and you tell the rest. if decide to come, then contact me and we make your weekends more fun, if you are towards that...drop a line here via my email: ***

expect the unexpected....thats PNG.

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There are a lot of expats living in my Suburb in Port Moresby but most do not socialise well with the locals. Only are few who happen to make good friends are the once you see daily on the streets jogging and taking afternoon strolls down the footpaths. Most important thing is where you live and how you connect and socialise with the locals around you.

It is safe to drive alone to night clubs or other amenities and many gay expats do this all the time too. My advise for a gay expat planning to move into PNG is to be discreet as much as possible in the public and avoid makeups and feminine dressing.

For more information or should you need a local companion for a start do shoot me an email: ***


my friend get in touch with me and I will surely help you out with anything at all you need to know around here in Pom City

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Living in Port Moresby is not like what you think. It is safe here.

There have been many expats who are gay who live and work here. They love the place and socialize well with their local boy friends.

Hope you will find it interesting in here



Well Papua New Guinea is a land of unexpected so what you dont see im other Pacific Islands you will see here.. We have a lot of gay expats working here and they love lo be around with the local boys.. So please contact me if you want to know about my country..

Dont worry contact me and i will tell you more... Am a student with Port Moresby Business College..

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I guess so mate. Email me, will tell you more. ***

Hi Anth,

Its ok to be gay and living in Pom however avoid showing affection for your partner in public because it can cause really negative reactions from people around you so its best not to be to really open about your sexual orientation. As for robberies yes its best to exersise precautions while travelling in your car at night especially in suburbs like Gerehu and Tokarara. I would advise you not to travel on foot after 6pm, if you have your own car it should be ok.

Hi... How do you be discreet, and still meet people?

Dont worry about what people say just come down to Port Moresby and see the beauty of rhe city and the people as a whole and yes not every one is criminal we call this place a land of unexpected  so am here if you want to get more information besides i love gay man and am a bisexual guy loves to get alone with gay guys and so on....

Am a gay guy interested to chat with you

yes it is