Small Business

Dose anyone have info about running a small Business in Belgium (Anyone i would have to contact or register etc)

See link below:

http://www.guichetentreprises.partena.b … c/tout.htm

thanks but do you have a version that isnt in french

http://www.guichetentreprises.partena.b … toutNL.htm

You click on NL :-)

WHat kinda business you thinking Hannah?

From some info i was given off the Facebook group it is hardly worth it. I just wanted to make cupcakes lol it was going to be tiny tiny (and also I couldn't see the click nl part of the site hence I didnt click it)

It's true...there's no cupcake place here....too bad!  Then again....cost is probably'd have to charge 6€ each ;)

Yeah i was planning on doing boxes of 6 for 10 euro but yeah without a 19hour job id be taxed more

D U M B.   Belgium is a bit messed sometimes.

Canada it's totally the opposite..and they'd give you start up money if you made a business plan.

Yeah id get a free business advisor in uk to shame really

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