Young Mother trying to MOVE TO CAIRO. NEED HELP!

I'm a foreign language student, I used to live in egypt when I was younger and I've decided to make the move back because I would love for my daughter to experience the chidlhood that I did there snd I'm coming back to finish my education. I used to live in rehab before it was fully developed and I've heard that the prices have sky rocketed due to all of the improvements they have made there over the past 5 years. Are there any other new cities there? How can I get in touch with a realtor or someone to find me an semi furnished apt without being ripped off. I would like to have my housing set up before coming so that I don't have to go looking for a place with my young daughter when I get there. ]

Ideas please! Thanks. (I'm on a serious budget!)

Try Madinaty (sister Company of Rehab) and more cheap.

Madinaty is agreat place but so far :)

When are you coming? and what is your budget?

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