Belgium vs. Italy

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I´m new in the forum so I´d appreciate if you can help me.
My wife and I are planning to move to Europe next March. Since I have double citizenship (Belgian/Argentinian)and I´m a mechanical engineer, I thought that could be a great opportunity to go to Antwerp for example. On the other hand my wife has double citizenship (Italian/Argentinian), so of course she thought that Italy could be a great place to live (the north zone for example).
The thing is, What are the most important things that would become one of both places the best one?.

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In my opinion, the north of Europe is very similar. Lots of mountains with a lot of trees. Belgium is a very developped country, so you could find many cultural and social events. Italy is a Mediterranean country but in the north the life is quite calm and also very developped. One of the difference is the Alps, that they are nearer from the north of Italy and there is less contamination. In my opinion, The north of Italy is very similar than Belgium geographically, very nice to ride a bike.


Hi Enrique:
Thank you very much for your opinion, yes I think this is one important issue that makes this place interesting to live.
But what about life quality (salary/medical inssurance, etc.) and profesional development?.

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