Essentials from India not available in Brussels

Hi all.

I am reaching Brussels from Mumbai, India with my family on a long-stay visa in a month's time.

What are the things I need to get here from India that would not be available in Brussels ?

And, in the coming months, how is the weather ? What clothes would be appropriate for adults and children ?

Waiting for replies and thanking you for the inputs,
Regards, Allwyn.

Hi allwyn,

This winter has not been severe varying between 4 to 10degrees. Ya but as you are from mumbai and knowing this as i also come from mumbai, warm clothes are required here but You get everything here from indian food products to anything you can think of.

I am here since 2 years and had no problem till date finding stuff i needed except......the feel of india.

All the best.....stay in touch. Bon voyage.

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