Martial Arts in Riyadh

Well if you are interested to learn martial like karate or taekwondo there is a Filipino school called Elite International School which is situated in Olaya, you can go there.
Your most welcome

Well if you are interested to learn martial arts like taekwondo and karate there is a Filipino School called Elite International School in Olaya, You can go there

Well I think it is available at Body Master gym in Olaya where you can learn Boxing, Kickboxing and also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Try Getmuv app they have loud of activity

Hi - if your staying in Riyadh rightnow, you can join any health gym and there you can ask if you can include your martial arts training. or if you have a private place to get students, then you can just post it online. I'm also interested, please count me in.

There is a gym called invictus fighter which offers different kind of martial art training.
Also there is an app called Getmuv which provides different kind of marital art classes in different gyms.
Good luck

Hello, I am interested, could you please let me know.



we need a trainer of Martial arts for kids in compound, are you willing for that ?

waiting for your kind reply


I am looking for Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu FEMALE COACH living in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh or willing to move to Riyadh as i have a Ladies Martial Art Gym and wanting to hire.

Thank you in advance


You still in riyadh ?


I am interested along with my 2 kids

Can you please share your contact to arrange sessions for us and maybe we can get a facility


Where is this center my daughter is very interested
Please let me know

Hi, message me in my whatsapp ***

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Would like to know more
Please send me an email of what classes you have in mind

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Depending on the compound you may be able to hold classes at there rec center.  I know Ishibilia has BJJ 4 times a week.

Riyadh Combat Club, 6 KM from Ishibilia, is located on the second floor of a Body Masters, the teach BJJ & Kickboxing.  I visited the gym, they have floor space and an Octagon.  The price are about reasonably.  There also Gracie Barra 8 Km from Al Nakla, again located in a body masters gym.

could you please provide your contact number !

Can I have your whatsapp


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I have a boy 15 year old who is kickboxing player sine 8 years

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