Martial Arts in Riyadh

HI , i was searching the internet for self-defence classes and i stumbled upon your ad for self defence , and i was wandering if you still train people self. If you are i am really interested.
either as a personal trainer or i can attend your classes if you have any.
thank you very much for your time and have a good day :)


I found your post here regarding MMA classes, are you still in Riyadh ?

i was initially interested in signing up for Aikido, but cannot find anything online

Im interested in signing up for MMA classes if your available




I was wondering if you currently have on going classes for a 6 year-old to join.

Thank you

Hey I am interested, when are you starting and where?

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Hi Traveller5. Im also interested about your program.

I'm interested too, but I wanna train in the summer.

Anybody knows where to find karate or martial arts classes for boys age 3?
In Riyadh for a summer course


Good day to you..! i am in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and i would like to learn Martial Arts if you still here and interested in teaching please reply me.


I am interested please send me details please

Hi sir, are you still here in Riyadh? I want to enroll in your class.

Fei Long

I have a 15 year old son who is interested in Muaythai - are you familiar with this type of martial arts?  He has begun classes in Beijing, China but we will be leaving China and moving to Riyadh in September of 2014 (home for the summer).  My son has a strong interest in continuing martial arts training - where would your classes be located?  We will be living near the new American International School.  (I also have a 13 year old daughter who may be interested in your self-defense classes).  Thanks for your post.

Hmm.. I am very interested.
I have been for a very long time.
I'm in 11th grade and im ready to start asap
Could u provide me your contact no. 
I dont mind going for classes or personal training

Hello there,

Are you still up to training?? Please let me know as soon as possible..

I need couple of classes.



may I know the place or location in your im very interested to learn karate...
actually,  im here in riyadh 2nd industrial. ...



I am looking for an instructor interested in training young boys 10-12
Do you have a center or space or can you teach in a personal space provided?
What is your tine schedule like?

Thank you,

I am interested in classes for my 7 years old son.
Plz let me know.

I too am interested in martial arts classes for my son's 14 and 15 years.

Please send me message

Hey, you still coach for Martial Arts? if yes please let me know location. I am interested.


Any progress with these classes please let me know x

Hi, I am 34 yo and interested to start marshal arts starting saturday


are u still offering martial art classes in riyadh ?


Are you still interested please contact me




Do you know of any Boxing or Kickboxing trainers in Riyadh?!

Thank you

Hi Guys,

Maybe you should know that this thread here is dated 2012 :)

I will invite you to please drop an advert in the Riyadh classes classifieds section :)

Thank you


Hey guys i am training in a gym There is bjj,kickboxing,boxe Muy thai and wrestling

Hello Samir234 and welcome on board :)

I invite you to recommend the gym in our Business Directory Leisure in Riyadh so that other members can benefit from its contact infos.

This will help


I am also looking classes for my kids.  kindly let me know if any one know

please help me
i am living in madinah
i want admission in girls section for grade 5 and 7
please help me
is there any pakistani or american school?

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Hello ,
I am interested

Can you tell me where are you giving classes of martial arts  and also give me your number

Hi , Are you still here in riyadh . If yes call me or whatsapp xxx . We might have some solution to start your training classes asap :)

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Taekwondo class available in Salahuddin District.

King Abdulaziz Road, above Tamimi Market.

Children and Adults are accepted. Different time/schedules for adults, family/children.

I'm Reem. I am really interested in learning Martial arts, please if you are still teaching I would like to learn
Thank you

Hi can your please let me know time/schedules and price for the classes.


   I seen your post online and seen that you are a fellow Veteran. I am looking for some continuing training and educational opportunities while I am living here in Riyadh. In specific, I am not looking into becoming a cage fighter, but I was hoping to find a Okinawa style Karate I can continue to study and practice in my off time. I have trained also in the US Armed Forces, and in Yoshukai, Karate. Although I cannot find a Yoshukai Instructor here, any Okinawa style will have similarities that I can relate to.

I am also looking for someone that can instruct me and certify me in rank. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Once again, thank you for your time.


I'm looking for Kyokushin Karate class. Anybody knows the place?

Hi! I'm really interested, and my fiance as well. Would you tell us more about your training programs?

Hi I am planing to movie to Riyad in the coming 15 days thought to get in touch with you and once i am in Riyad would like to meet with you for the training reasons



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