Looking to move to Mexico between Campeche & Sabancuy. Anyone there?

I agree with scubapilot and more. Be cautious.


what is your status on your homes in sabancuy. you said you would be building by last year's end

I am ready to build. If anyones has a list of Sabancuy beach lots Owner, would like to create a Facebook page. More we are faster we will réalise our dream !!!

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Post your email and I will contact you.

Know the term "Valor Catastral" and how it can cost you thousands later..

this is update from Alberto from last week:

Here you will find this week's semarnat's update.

Starting next week (Monday through Wednesday) we, together with the SEMARNAT officials, will review the Sabancuy Owners Civil Association contract, the collaboration agreement between them and our company and the land donation contract (land offered from our company to the protection ‎program).

We are very satisfied with the latest positive improvement in the process and will keep you informed on these meetings and the results.

Thank you for your time and trust.

So looks great, price is going up already, is how new ads in 99k.

Our fellow member on this board "BEWARE" is scammer, Beware of him!

I too have purchased a lot near hear and have been waiting for two years for Semarnat to approve building on our lot. I have no knowledge of how things are going as my seller is handling this and will not share details. My lot is in "EL BOQUERON 2, purchased from Mike Baumann. Does anyone have any information on these lots and if building permits will come through? I feel we have been taken :(
I noticed there has been no response from anyone in over a year on this subject and several people have said they were going to Mexico a year ago to check on progress. Please let me know anything!

I'm the guy being accused of being a scammer. I have invested over one million dollars with these guys. you are welcome to contact me.  They have made promises several times. they want you to build before they bring electric or water to the beach. Really?  They have never presented any type of homeowners control documents. They do not have any master plan that Semarnat has agreed to.
If you don't want to believe me then buy the 20 lots from me at a price far less then they are selling them for. i'll be gone.
They don't care about you. all they want to do is sell land.
they have only submitted ONE request for permits. that is in B-1.
Ask them for an English version of the submission and an English version of all the conditions and responses from Semarnat. if i'm, a scammer they should give it to you right?
There is history here.

it seems bauman has told some people he has submitted a report but if so it is not registered with Semarnat. At least I could not find it.
Everyone has to create a collision and for these guys to give answers.

That is why I love retirement on a sailboat, you take your home where ever you go, if you find a little paradise, you stick around for ever. If things go into the crapper, you lift anchor and move your home until you find an other little paradise, no great shake.

This is exactly what I am also planning on doing.  I would love to correspond with you john.vasos(at)gmail(.)com

I just purchased a beach front lot 110.  I'm really excited about building and meeting more Americans as well as others moving there.  Please correspond.    John.Vasos(at)gmail(.)com

Hi there,
I'm guessing that's in Boq 3?

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So glad to have find this blog. I'm a USA resident, Florida area, and looking to move soon to Sabancuy. We are purchasing in Boqueron III. How long takes to have the building permits?

Thank You.  Looking forward to  your answers.

Welcome to Boq 3
I'm a neighbor in that same Boq.
You should give me a call or e-mail.
I had a blog on another site that had all the information you seek but its no longer there.
my number is 780-446-4758
e-mail rodheinis[at]gmail.com
I have a bunch of contacts regarding this development from property world invest and merida realty.
We should remain a group.
Bye for now.

This is not an AD... just an update for the land owners

We have,  as have been requested, sent  all additional information concerning the changes in environmental laws recently made. (laws which were only changed AFTER our original presentation). 

As a note;  Although we considered this a setback originally...it has turned out to be a “blessing in disguise”.

As it stands...We are establishing the standards for the entire zone. “We” refers to our Biologist and her relationship working now in concert with SEMARNAT and  the protected zones office together for a common goal.

1.       We are not required to change anything with the proposed building.
2.       We are required to do the following:


Yesterday, (Thursday September 18, 2014), We delivered a declaration, as asked for by the officials.
After the revision, We expect to have an idea of the time frame.

thanks for the updates.   i am just wondering why some of us are getting informed and others not.  whatever happened
to the other blog.  there were a lot more of us on that other blog.  anyone know what i am talking about?

John (beware), what made you change your mind so drastically ?  the last time i heard from you, you were all
excited and now you are trying to sell.  is there something we all should know ??


Not sure why everyone is not getting the updates> It may be because not all sale staff sends it out to their clients. I suggest to contact Alberto and ask him to put u on his mailing list.

Cell phone: 011-52-1 999-127-4493

Not sure on the other blog? are you referring to the one Rocketpip started on Scams.com? He could answer that for u.

Hope this helps. :)

Lets all stay in touch and share info.

Thanks Clutch 1956.   just want to clarify that it was not scams.com.  it was this one. everyone was a lot more
involved at one time.   you are right that we should stick together


Hello all that have purchased land From Merida Realty/ Property world associated with beach land in Campeche. They referred me to an attorney I could trust.  Some of you know of me and some don't.  These are facts you can email me if you like at campechesand[at]gmail.com. 
I have been called a scammer by these guys. Here are the facts that I have and am experiencing.
Nearly two years ago I flew to Mexico to look at their wonderful beach land. I was often told "Don't you worry" . I Invested nearly one million in cash. I have worked with a Man/owner called Tony. I have heard of another owner called Mike. There is a Manager who is their front man called Antonio. There is also an American involved named M. Bauman.  The attorney's Name is Novelo.
1. I was told I could get a visa to run my company. They hoaxed me and got me a residences visa that does not permit you to manage or run your company. In addition, it is not an investor visa.  I am back in the USA and have been trying to obtain the proper Visa but the Mexican consulate here and Immigration in Mexico are making it nearly impossible. (One breakdown buy the guys who I was suppose to trust)
2. I purchased all the land and the deeds say "valor Catastrol"  . That means they can set the value of the land at a price they see fit. They will tell you, you will save taxes. What it really means is they show you paid a small amount for the land and the balance of your money disappears. Then when you sell it you are subject to huge capital gains.
3. They promise permits on the land and all of you who are waiting know, "You don't have permits", only promises.
4. They have not documented plan they will share about bringing utilities to the site anytime prior to building.
5. They have not documented plan of a home owners association control that will control what is build on the land. Minimum standards will be set by Semarnat but anything else above those minimum standards seems to be open game.  So if Semarnat allows wooden shacks next to your retirement home. So be it. At least that is what it appears.
6. It took over or nearly one year before the Notarie registered my land purchase.  This was a notary recommended by Novelo.  Mr. Novelo made promises many times but as of today a home I purchased in Centro Merida has not been registered.  Notary has no information to share. Novello says its coming. ONE YEAR.
7. I tried to contact Mr. Bauman but what ever he has told his buyers has frightened them into not sharing his contact info.  I have been told he is telling them he has filed for permits but I can find no evidence of that filing.

My advise to anyone considering building should wait. You may pay more for the land when it is permitted but at least your retirement investment is more guaranteed. There are experiences similar by others.
If I sound frustrated it is because I am and these guys are doing noting but smooth talking.

BELOW IS A COPY OF WHAT WAS POSTED TO SCAM.COM BUT SOMEHOW RETRACTED. I don't know about the truth of below but my personal experiences are above.

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Land For Sale Mexico
Ok. First of all people that have brought land from Merida Realty have unknownly
brought land from land from Property world invest search on Google for this
company. You will see they are both the same company and are run buy Antonio
Castillo. Who is the front man for Mikael and Tony both from Finland. They also
own beach front property build es also another mexican company. The land that
you have brought is land that cant be build on in the for seeable future. I advise
you to go to you lawyer in your home country and make a reportaje. Then
contact your embassy and make a comment on faceback and tripadvisor to stop
other people going down the same read.
The value of the Land is based on what ever Tony or Mikael says it is. First of all
if you are a Mexican you will be charge 49,000 usd or maybe 59,000 usd. If you
are from Canadá or USA you will be charge double that nearly.
My name is Derick Scott I was a salesman for them and if you check out
www.land watch.com you will see that they are still using my name and my
company address and phone number in Las Vegas from Skype. I have nothing
to do with the company and left and they still own me commissions of which I
dont want. Everything I have said is to the best of my knowledge. Please PM me
if you need more help. I will post more next Friday.
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Jo-Anne Rixson Graff
Are you telling me that we purchased land from them that is an illegal sale. Is the
lawyer Jose Novello involved?
Aug 21
Land For Sale Mexico
Novelo is a partner in all the business. Mikael and Tony and nivel lo all worked out
of the same office. Tony and Mike sent me a company up and Novelo was made a
small partner. In MD Tech Solutions. The land is from a person I will reviel next next
called Capitán. And it does not be long to him its part of a pack a ge of land given to
him of the ex priminster of Mexicoo
Aug 21
Land For Sale Mexico
I would check and call. But what I say is right. Check domains names there are all
own es by the same person. ANTONIO.
Aug 21
Land For Sale Mexico
And the sale is not illegar but the way it was sold to you was. As no planning
permission has been gran te and if you ask Merida Realty for proof of any plan or a
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https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ … 28&... 10/2/2014
states up date they will not be able to to send it to you they will just for you off with
1 · Aug 21
Land For Sale Mexico
This was the reply I got from Mike and Tony sent by a fake email.
I just have been contacted by MLS-Global about you cyber attacking them.
Just for you to know, I have sold that corporation 2.5 months ago with everything, i
have nothing to do with it anymore.
They are going to make police report about your attack.
As well your story about PWI, MR and BPB results criminal announcements and
lawsuit against you from each corporation and individual you are accusing falsely or
have involved other ways.
Also our other Spanish, English, Isla of Man, Gibraltar, Swiss, Finn, Panamian,
Colombian and Peruan corporations directors going to make report about fraude
and you damaging business and reputation in purpose with your lies and stealing
clients register, scamming etc. 10's of different things I have found from your email
Naturally Jerry is now going to make his report about your physical attack in the
Already we have 5 clients (Mex. corporations) who wont to join us to present
lawsuits jointly, because of your false story yesterday about ownerships of
corporations and your manipulation of land values. we are going to ask all of them
195 to join.
(by the way Semarnat have told us on last week that we are going to get building
permits, this is reported for all the clients already)
In my calculation there is coming min. 28-30 different lawsuits, and about 19 from
Mexico, what means when police going to catch you soon you will be send to
Mexico first, in here i will assure, that you have plenty of soap to be collected.
I have your Photo and copies of your documents, i have funds to make
internationally big scale PR and press release campaingn to warn people about you
and your scams, first starting with help of email campaign from Balearic Islands'
hotels and resorts, restaurants and all the companies in there with our full register
of Spanish corporations.
One of the corp. mentioned in your stories are owned buy my kids and now efected
by your BS.
Every new story or message you make will cause you 10 lawsuits with unlimited
budget and 10 000 news stories more about you.
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https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ … 28&... 10/2/2014
Also it was very easy to find your location.
Have a nice 1% evening
1 · Aug 22
Shirley Ryan
I bought 5. Total rip off!!!
1 · Aug 28
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https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_ … 28&... 10/2/2014

I would ask for a printed copy of the master plan. That will be a real update.

hey rocketpip, have you heard any updates from the company or any investors?

Geez Guys - I am SO GLAD that I didn't fall prey to those scheming opportunists.  I almost did, but the young British guy who was working on me to buy a lot there really scared the daylights out of me ... I totally smelled a rat.  I did see the property and the area.  It will be nice someday if you guys ever get to proceed with your plans.  I feel for you and what you're having to endure.  I know how frustrating and scary it must be.  If I end up buying something, it will probably be in the Chelem / Chuburna area.  Stuff there is already built so I feel safer with that.  I'm wishing much luck to all of you.


I also bought 2 lot's in 2011 in Boqueron2. My lot's are 5 and 6.

What is happening ??? I think we should talk.

I am in the same place as you ... will start aen environmental study next year, If you want to re-group would be nice

we are neighbors.

Just finished chatting with Tony.
For those that haven't contacted me by phone or e-mail.
Please keep in mind, Out of every investor out there, I'm the most pessimistic.
Although the projects are slow in progressing, it sounds like they are moving forward, with proof in the next handful of days.
I wish I could tell you something firm but really, until I see my first tree put in or structure being built, I'm in the same boat as you.
I would say that we should all get together somewhere on line (Facebook) so that when this does "go or fail" we're ready as a group to move to the next step.
I'll update as soon as I hear.

Hello Investors and Rocket Pip.
You should understand my goal here is not to cause trouble but to get homes built on the land. The problem I have had is not getting quality answers from the developers. One problem is the responses I have gotten over the last two years are , "Trust us", "its coming in a week" " its coming in 60 Days". we all have been  hearing this.
Another problem is I have not seen any documentation of organization that we are involved in a professional project. I have not seen a Master plan or HOA control for the area. Be assured without a strong HOA control plan or approved master plan there are going to be bottom feeders building crap here.

1.. I tried to Reach out to find Mike Bauman's contact info but he must have everyone frightened. if he was on the up and up why would he not step up to the plate. Also, I heard he as told investors he has submitted a plan to Semarnat however I have not seen any filing for it on the Semarnat site.
Be specific and expect specific answers when you ask questions:
** Ask for a copy of the active submission to Semarnat.
**Ask if there are any signatures for which Merida is saying the government said Yes.
** Ask when in this process will electric and water be brought to the beach side.  Get specific answers. Will electric be brought over before or after the first home is complete.
**Is there a master plan for the area and how can you see a copy.  Without  an HOA in place you could find minimum standards built next to your home. if they say they will not let that happen ask for documents that prevent it. I've been asking for over one year.
** what plan is in  place in writing that will retard the current beach erosion. Have any studies been done on the erosion issue.
** When will the additional  water pumping station be built. From  her lips to my ears I heard the biologist say  "another water pumping station will be required" to meet the pressure required.

I agree there must be unity. I understand we can all get to be vigilantes without organization.  I have made every effort to keep what I know under cover because I know what can happen with 100 angry people.  These guys are not responding to my questions.  That is why I am bringing all this to you. You have been hearing SOON, for years. It all sounds to me like they are working from a prospective of broad band effort rather than focused effort. They need to be held responsible.

There is no question in my mind that someday Mexico will approve this. I do not want to be in assisted living before that happens. I'm 65 and don't want to take another 5 years to build my 20 lots. I have over 1 million of MY MONEY in this. I expected to build big and am now discouraged.

Hi there , i am in Boqueron 2 lot 2 , and just created a facebook page , so it can be esear to make posts ang join ideas ,please join : facebook.com/pages/El-Boqueron/1508786489394147.

who are you that created this page.

(Moderated: please post in the housing section)

Did anyone else get this email from Alberto back in the beginning of Dec? Have you heard any update? There were pictures of the house and plot plan that was sent also in the email.

Thanks for any info.

Hello dear friends,

Here you can get a bit of the idea of how we are presenting the example house to the CONANP (The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas) for the new land use.

The entire project will be ready by the next Tuesday. It then goes to revision and by Friday the latest we should have the zoning ready and approved.
Please do not pay too much attention to the images below. It is not how your house has to look like.
This design is to be presented to the authorities and the architects need to work much more on the following projects. The elevation is obligatory, because of the turtles, but also to protect your investment on a dune, that moves back and forward as well as to be able to get insurance etc.  I am about a week too early to send you this, but I wanted you to be aware of the advance we have made.

We are all very enthusiastic to be so close to start finally building. It will now open a whole new era for all of us Sabancuy people.

These fellows blame me for demising their sales. I see the email are sighting as another failed commitment.  They would maintain integrity if they would stop saying these types of things.

I quote,  "The entire project will be ready by the next Tuesday. It then goes to revision and by Friday the latest we should have the zoning ready and approved".

I apologize if I am wrong but when it does come back it goes to  Semarnat for another round of discrimination. While they and anyone else says I'm a scammer and a crackpot I ask two questions;
1. Is this the first time they said we are close ?
2. Do you have permits yet?

I know they monitor this site and I'm okay with that.  They will continue to blame me but they are digging their own hell hole with failed promises.  Many are frightened to say how they feel.

THEY SAY; "Please do not pay too much attention to the images below. It is not how your house has to look like" . I WONDER WHAT IT DOES HAVE TO LOOK LIKE?

Quote: "We are all very enthusiastic to be so close to start finally building" DOES THIS SOUND FAMILIAR?

Side note: I only heard a rumor that the high speed rail from the Caribbean cost to Merida has been postponed because the new highways are servicing the traffic well. I have no proof of the cancelation or postponement. I'm sure there is a great deal of remonstration because small towns will whither  from lack of Revinue. 

I over paid for my lots but I have to try to sell them for about $75k to break even if I can. Any speculators are welcome.


Are you sure you own lot 5 and 6 in B-2? My deed says I own lot 6.

I own lot 67 in B-1.   6,7,8,9a & 10 in B-2 and 34-44 in B-2.

Please check your deed and let me know.


owners of land in Sabancuy:
Please check your deeds. One of the owners mentioned she owns lot #6 in B-2.  My deed says I own it and am waiting for her response.

My deeds say I own
B-1 Lot 67
B-2 Lots 6,7,8,9a , 10 and 34-44.


I don't think you are a scammer or a crackpot. You are right...I think we are all pissed off because we have been hearing this way to long. It has personally been two years for me and I'm sure longer for others. I was told like probably most that building could take place as soon as you got your deed, at the least apply for a building permit. Which made me think that we bought build-able lots. Actually i was told they were.
I posted his email because I was wondering it anyone saw it and if they knew anything more. I will call Alberto tonight but I'm sure it will be more of the same. My feeling is that they were over their heads and jump the gun selling the land before all the ducks were in a row...now they are playing catch up and we are paying the price.

Hello Beware

I am living in Mexico (Queretaro) for 14 years now, but I am originally from Portugal. In 2011 I bought Lot 2 in Boquerón 2 and intended to build a B&B in the near future.  After searching for any social media page related to Boquerón Lot owners I found this page where some of you where asking to create a Facebook page, so there it is.  Now I am very concerned seeing they could have sold the same Lot to more than one person, does anyone have the Lot 2, Boquerón 2?

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