V.A. is there a Va hospital in panama?

Where is the va hospital in panama

That would depend, are you a Panamanian veteran, a Canadian veteran, a Europian veteran  or a  U.S  veteran.

There is no direct VA hospital in Panama for USA Veterans. There is an organization that can do some things if you have been treated for that item in the USA. They will also supply meds directly in Panama if you have a disability rating of 60 or higher.
Check with Davis Ajax in Chitre for more info.  vso.chitre.david@gmail.com

If  you have a service connected condition, there is  Hospital Brisas at signature plaza 3rd floor.  other hospital like national,  see  service connected veterans.  But I rather use  Hospital Brisas  is a small and user friendly.  507-309-2300

This is great information.  I am 100% disabled through the VA.  All service connected, the only thing I am really concerned about is getting my meds.  Can the be mailed from the states?


I have not seen any updates about VA care for veterans since 2020. Does any body know a for sure answer. I am a disabled veteran who is thinking hard about moving there. Honest and true answers please.

@BWusaxpat    the  service that provide the hospital brisas, will get your medications at home in panama,   the service is great their doctor are super and they offer all the services...

2022 update. https://panamarelocationtours.com/veter … -in-panama

@invader609 VA form 10-7959f-1 is the form for FMP. It is easy to fill out. If you are 100% t & p there should be no problem. Any percentage less may be an issue. Good luck, troops.

@kennonna VA form 10-7959f-1 should be all you need. You can print it out and mail it in from home. Good luck, troops.

@invader609 FMP is for living abroad, OCONUS, in a foreign country.

@donnie0219 VA form 10-7959f-1 is all you need, Foreign Medical Program Application Form.

@yess_narvaez I can sympathize. My wife ended up dying overseas because we were counting on CHAMPVA to pay for her treatment by their own policy. But overseas we are on our own and it is hit or miss with care.

@Sunnymikkel The FMP, Foreign Medical Program, is supposed to be accepted at certain hospitals that take it. But I understand that it is difficult to find legitimate treatment with FMP. VA form 10-7959f-1.

@desertstormer With FMP, there is not any out of pocket costs for the treatment of service-connected disabilities.