Americans traveling to panama and vaccines?


I'm planning a trip to go to Panama and I hadn't even thought about the vaccines until my boss suggested I look.  When I went to the CDC, it recommended Yellow Fever, Hep A and B and Typhoid.  Also, suggested a prescription for Malaria.  I have alot of family there and they didn't mention any of this to me.  Also, a cousin moved to Miami and had children, she took her children to Panama(who had never been) and they received no shots and were fine.  They also drank the tap water which I was told was a No-No.  I read on that the water if completely safe to drink and that the sanitary conditions of Panama are the best of the latin american countries.  So I am quite confused and wondered if any of you traveling there received vaccines.  I am traveling with my 2 children and I would never want to put them at risk but I also don't want to throw approx $1100. away on vaccines I don't need.

Thank you
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You will be fine traveling without vaccines. Panama is a clean country with safe drinking water as well.
I know this does not compare, but I just moved permanently down here to help out friends and I brought my dog and neither of us needed any shots or vaccines.
The information you may have found is likely outdated as some Panama websites do not get updated frequently.

Let me reiterate, Panama is clean and you should be fine. If you are second guessing for your children's sake, I would ask your friends again and see what they think is best as they are the first point of contact.