Can anyone recommend dentists in Panama City?

We spent a very memorable time in Panama recently and plan to come back for some much needed dental work.

Would any readers be able to recommend any dentists in Panama City? I would like to contact those who speak English and preferably have had training in the States.

I have been able to locate some dentists. These are largely those who advertise on the web. I would like to  expand my network—and be able to interview a greater number of quality dentists before starting my dental work.

Can you make any recommendations? Please include their email and other contact info if you can.

Thanks for the help.


Dr. Ramon Vallarino is mine.

Thanks! I heard good things about him.

I can tell you dont use Fabrege dental clinic at Punta Pacifica Hospital.Outrages special Gringo prices

That is very interesting since I had her/their name...though they were not specifically recommended by anyone.

Can you tell me a little more? What you had done and what they charged you. whether the work seemed to have been done well, etc. We are actually heading back to Panama on Monday.


Quoted price for cleaning $70,after the fact price $80.Im used to the two tierd pricing structures in this part of the world but $80 is twice the amount I pay in Bocas where I Live.Shes American trained,and speaks english,but thats just wrong in any language.Her offices are in Puta Pacifica Hospital,try the dentist at Patilla Hospital,better job less money

I can understand how you feel. Actually back in this neck of the woods in the States (NY and CT) a cleaning runs from $125 to $150. Iw ish I was paying only $80!!!!

I'd recomend DR.Louis Batres. Best dentist I've ever been to.

Yes I can highly recommend ours in San Francisco (on Calle 74 between Via Porras and Calle 50) - really sorry but can't remember the name, but if you drive down the 1 way street of Calle 74 it's on the left hand side just past 'Metropolitan 1' and before the motorbike shop.

Hi Jeff
I need dental work too. I have a price quote of $5000 in florida. May be I can get a vacation in panama plus my dental needs for less than $5000
I am thinking of going to panama sometime in November, 2010
Please let me know which dentist you pick or would recommend from your research and/or your experience with a dentist if you go before me. thanks

I would like to recommed Dr. Luis Tover at Royal Center Marbella.

Hello -
We live in Panama and found a great dentist.  My husband hates the dentist but had to go in an emergency and she was awesome.  I do not know where she had her training but she speaks perfect English.

Here is the information that I have -
Integra Grupo Odontologico
Via Israel, Edif. Antillanca,         APDO. 0819-01038 El Dorado
Al Lado de National Car Rental,             Panama R De P.
Oficina 1-A                       Tel.: (507)265-5836 / 264-2133

Her name is:  Dr. Patricia E. Guillen B.

I'd recomend DR.Louis Batres. Best dentist I've ever been to.

Now there is a recommendation I can understand.

The dental clinic Sonrisas at Plaza Ventura in El Dorado is a good clinic run by a doc who studied in the US and speaks perfect English.
Good luck!