Cost and quality of health care in Panama

I'm a 70-year-old man living in Colorado and considering a move to Panama. I'm wondering about the cost and quality of health care.

@KentonS We have found health care very good, very affordable. The US system is a mess! i was a nurse there. Here, an office visit (private system) is $40-50, and we've never waited more than a day to be seen. The doctor gives you all the time you need, and they aren't overwhelmed with paperwork and CTA, and trying to get paid. We have also found dental care of excellent quality and very affordable. There is also a public system that is very inexpensive but of course, they prefer you pay your way if you can. For me, its a huge relief to be here and to know I can get care if I need it without ruining our finances.

@KentonS  kristc99's reply is typical of what I have seen on the various forums.  It is EXTREMELY unusual to hear of any perceived problems.  Insurance will, however, be harder for you to obtain due to your age and health insurance in Panama typically excludes or significantly limits per-existing conditions.  If you have Medicare, you will want to keep it and give considerable consideration to Advantage plans SOME of which are reputed to provide coverage in foreign countries. 

Jackie Lang's Panama Relocation Tour company has it Guide with good specific coverage of the insurance landscape in Panama.  It is included in her public tours but is also available for a fee without the tour package.  I feel it has a wealth of excellent, highly relevant, and well-vetted information on a broad spectrum of topics.  I have been very impressed on how well she keeps it updated.  The Guide resides online, so the updates are readily available and only the current version of information is available.

Best wishes on your planning.

Thanks kristc99 and medicparken,

I guess it's safe to assume that the cities and most of larger towns have decent health facilities then?

I plan to visit soon and reconnoiter and maybe Jackie Lang is a good place to start, since I have no contacts in Panama and don't yet really know the lay of the land.

Panama City is a huge, modern city with lots of excellent options. We live in David and have two private hospitals, a very large public hospital, (and another for mothers and children). We have pretty much all doctors you would ever need, and other specialists who come in periodically. Smaller towns usually have a clinic that can handle most needs. At our age you are smart to consider how far you would be from a hospital or a facility for emergencies, just in case.

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