Make or break question -- Please Help!

The answer to this question will make or break my ability to live in Panama. I will most likely be moving to Panama next year but need to find out the cost of medications.  It is make or break info as I can't afford to pay what they cost in the states (right now my insurance covers them)!  I take several medications that are costly in the US, but understand that often medications are cheaper and some can even be purchased over the counter in Panama.  Can anyone tell me how I would go about finding out the cost of specific medications?  I can also give you the names of the medications if that helps


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Unfortunately I'm actually travelling and won't be back before a month or two in Panama otherwise I would check for you. Let me suggest you to pose this question on  [Moderated]
You will probably need to register but I am sure can get an answer.
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Hi there,

Hope I'm not too late. The cost of medications here are generally lower, as is most health care cost. What's more is that medicine is offered individually. For example, if you are needing 7 tablets of a certain medicine, then you can buy 7 tablets, even if the box usually comes in a package of 12.

I imagine if you use something regularly, this may not be something of concern for you. If you would like, send me a list of the medicines you are looking for and I will check the prices at the farmacia.

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Thank you!  Do you have a private email I could send the list to?  My email is

How do you like Panama?

you can email me by visiting my blog site at . On there I have a few things about our move and information you may find helpful especially if moving with a pet.

Living in Panama is interesting and exciting. There are some things you need to get adjusted to. Little things that you don't think about till you are here. 

We chose to live more along were the locals live instead of an expat community. We have immersed ourselves in the culture and lifestyle and getting used to living in the country. We were living in downtown Austin Texas area before moving here and moved to Churuquita Grande, which is about 15 minutes from Penonome, the 3rd largest city in Panama.

We try and document things here on our blog and keep it updated regularly although it is a new site. Hope you drop by.

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The easy way is come down and find out.