Hi i'm Antonio and i've some question.

n1) Name of a good english school in haarlem or heemstede? I've found this but i don't know if it's good....

n2)If in future i want to start a professional course( Course for Accountant, buyer, sales, Project manager, Desiner etc) there some school in Haarlem?

n3) University that offers Master programs in english?

I have a bachelor in business admenistration and i need to complete my profile.


Hi Antonio, welcome!

I can't vouch for the school that you linked, but I can say that a 'volksuniversiteit' is not what you'd call an actual university. It's a school that offers easily accessible courses without the immediate purpose of getting a degree or diploma.

If you're looking for an actual university degree, you should broaden your horizon, as Haarlem doesn't have a university. Amsterdam, however, does and by train it's only about a half hour commute or so.

Feel free to post again if you have more questions. I will try to offer insight where possible. :)