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Has anyone done any diploma evaluation for any job hunting? Im moving to amsterdam soon and is kind of worried about looking for a job. Im a BS psychology graduate in the Philippines and has been a pre-school teacher for 8years now. I have been told that i might need to have my diploma evaluated before i can search for a job.
I would appreciate any advice or suggestions regarding this.
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Hi Krischas and welcome to the Forum.

You need to speak to NUFFIC, they are the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education; this link will take you to their website.

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Thank you for your help Cynic:)

Hi Krishas,

I would liketo know more about the process that you’ve been through in getting your diploma being evaluated.I am  a nurse from Philippines and currently woking in UAE.  I checked the website from which Cynic posted,but couldn’t make it through. In short i am confused😅. Do i have to pass first the B1 test for Dutch proficiency? Before having my diploma evalauted? Any thoughts would be highly appreciated dear. Thanks

Hi! Me too, I want to know about the evaluation process and recognition of non-EU professional teaching qualifications.

I am a Filipina expat who recently moved to Netherlands under the highly skilled migrant residency of my husband. I worked as an English teacher in the Philippines and I want to work either in education or childcare here in NL.

I recently applied online in the DUO website for the recognition of my teaching qualifications as it is a requirement in the job postings that I have been looking into.

May I know how long does it take for the DUO to assess and allow me to work? And when they do, am I allowed to work either in the primary or secondary? Or would they notify me where I am qualified to teach? Also, should I make a separate application if I want to work in childcare? Moreover, you mentioned NUFFIC and I also saw IDW. How are they different from DUO? Should I make separate applications?

Hoping for your replies. Thank you for your help!

Hi, I am following this thread as well.

I am a nurse in the Philippines and I am seeking information on job opportunities
In the Netherlands and the processes for my profession to be credited there.


Hi all,

To answer some questions and to try and explain the Dutch system.  The IDW is part of NUFFIC; it stands for "Internationale Diploma Waardering"; their specific role is to evaluate foreign qualifications.

To work as a nurse in Holland, once your diploma is accepted, you must then be registered on the BIG register.  The BIG register is required by the Dutch law "Wet op de beroepen in de individuele gezondheidszorg" (Professions Act Individual Health Care); I've just gone through the process described on their website and it seems relatively simple; it does involve NUFFIC, but the people at BIG appear to do the leg-work for you.  This link will take you to the BIG-register website, it's in English and they describe the whole thing you have to go through.

To answer your specific question regarding language competency; you need:

Nurse - level B1
Physiotherapist or midwife - level B2
Doctors, dentists, pharmacists, psychotherapists and health care psychologists - need a certificate certified by the Babel institute for the Dutch language discipline (with specific command of medical interactive Dutch).

This is all repeated on the BIG website.  An explanation of the grading (B1 etc) is described on the Wikipedia website; this link will take you there.

The Dutch are looking for nurses; so my advice is to head to the BIG website.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thank you for your reply.

So is my understanding correct that applications to DUO is only for Dutch and people from EU countries? And IDW is for people from non-EU countries?

DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs) is part of a Dutch Government department (the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science); DUO is the Education Executive Agency, if you like they act on the Governments requirements and are responsible for NUFFIC.  NUFFIC does many things; including evaluation of all foreign qualifications/diplomas; it is more for academic matters.  NUFFIC has a sister organisation (SBB) who appear to deal more with vocational qualifications.

However, the Dutch healthcare sector has established its own organisation to recruit and assess potential healthcare sector workers, this is the "BIG".  BIG will use NUFFIC to assess foreign healthcare qualifications.  So if you wish to work in the healthcare sector, speak first to BIG.

I now have a headache from trying to work this out. :)

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

Thanks Cynic for the information. I will go check out BIG.


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