Help needed with how to accept conditional offers at universities

I am a high school student in France and bilingual in English.
I have completed the Studielink application process for 4 universities in Holland and I'm really happy to have already received 2 conditional offers and still waiting for replies from the other 2.
I cannot find any info on what happens next which is why I'd like to contact anyone who went through the same application process. I basically need a guru!
My questions at the moment are about when and how to accept the offers.
As far as I can see, you have to pay tuition  in June so I assume that that's when I'd have to make my final choice but to be honest, I don't really have a preferred university.
How does it work? Will I be asked by Studielink to class my universities by priority order like for the UK system? Will I be able to 'hold on' to several offers until I get my exam results in July? Am I guaranteed a place as long as I meet the conditions in the offers that I have received (passing exams with certain grades)?
I'm basically a bit lost on where to go from this stage of the process so I'd be really grateful for your help.

Hi and welcome to the Forum.

I can't help you very much; I went to a UK University, so my experience is not much use to you.  I just tried to go through the Studielink website and found it very unhelpful and when I tried to ask a question was advised to "Contact your (future) institution for higher education." which is about as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

So, I can only echo their advice and wish you all the best for your future time in the Netherlands.

Hope this helps (even if only a little bit).

Expat Team

Thanks for your reply :)
Yes, I already tried to use the FAQ on Studielink but I came to the same conclusion - it's not like I can contact the future universities and ask them if I can keep all my offers from different universities until I make a final decision, after my exam results!
Hopefully, there's someone on this forum who did study there because I looked around and this seems to be the only forum that discusses moving to Holland!

Same, I'm wondering about what happens if I accept an offer of admission... Will the other one be removed automatically? I want to accept one place because it won't be available for long, but do I get to keep the other one (not a limited capacity programme) too?
Studielink Q&A didn't help obviously.

"Will I be asked by Studielink to class my universities by priority order like for the UK system?" No you won't.