meeting english speaking friends in warsaw

Hi all,

My name is Alix and I moved from England to Warsaw 3 years ago. I work as a year 1 teacher in an international school here and love my job and this city and country.

I would love to meet new people who are also living here and have similar interests. I enjoy travelling, sight seeing, cinema, shopping, sports and music.

Please get in touch if would like to meet.

Alix :-)

Hi Alix,

welcome to! :)

I hope you get lots of new contacts here. Do not hesitate to share your experience on the Warsaw forum.

Thank you,
All the best,

Hey, do you find somebody?
My name is Aneta. Im living in Warsow. If you are still  interesting in finding a new friend, please let me know.

Hi Aneta and welcome on board :) - please note that this thread is quite old and i invite you to start a new one on the Warsaw Forum for better visibility and more interaction :)

Hi, its an old thread but I am still living in Warsaw and welcome anyone that would like to get in touch :-)

I am living in Warsaw and I see a lot of foreigners. Welcome in Warsaw:) Do you want to have a new english speaking friends? Write!
I will like to meet a foreigners to have a fun. I can show you a city and we can walk,drink, talk etc. Would be nice to have a new friends.

Hi all,
   I am Rocco and I am living in Warsaw for few weeks.
I know that the post is old, but probably not so old. :-)
If you would like to have a italian friend and talk in english (or Italian), just let me know.
I would like also to go around the city to discover it and drink or eat some tipical.

Hi Natalia,
Good idea. I'll give you a buzz when I come.

a buzz? what is that?

im all for it, wouldnt mind brushing up on my english. used to live in canada when I was a kid



Hi there!!

I'm looking for English speaking people to hang with!! Kinda lonely over here in Poland!!

Hello All,

Looking for friends here in Warsaw.
Would be nice to meet up.
I am from The Netherlands, Amsterdam

I'm currently studying in Warsaw for 3 months and would like to get away from the campus sometimes to meet up with some enlgish speakers. I'm originally from Canada. Hope to hear from you!

Hey stuinwarsaw,

If you'll have some free time we can meet up and spend free time really cool ;p I'm not native speaker in english, because I am native polish guy but I speaking in english so I think that we will not have any problems ;p

But I have to emphasize that I'm not fluent in english but I hope that you don't mind and everything will be cool ;d


If you'll interested in, write to me on my email: bratblog1[at] or on interpals webiste or just here (but I'm really rare here).

Hello my name Alaina and I am from the USA (Texas) I know this thread is kind of old but hopefully maybe some of yall are still in Poland!! I will be relocating to Warsaw in June, trying to talk to some expats who have experienced Warsaw first hand so I can get a little bit more information and some insight in what its like for a foreigner over there. It would be nice to know some people before I get there just to make my transition a little easier and a lot more fun for when I get to Warsaw, thanks in advance :)!!

HI Alaina,

I am from New Jersey and I will be there in Warsaw a couple of weeks and probably a new assignment there, maybe we can meet up and share experiences, always good to learn new perspectives.



Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a new english speaking friends. Are you intrested in? please write :)

hi how are you?

Hi How are you? I'll be there next week ...maybe we could hang out

Hi Alix

I'm Chris, I'm moving to Warsaw on the 29th.  It would be nice to hear from you.

Hello All,

Are there still people wanted to hang out ??? If yes - perfect :-) Im 30, polish girl  living in Warsaw.

Now, during summer, me and my boyfriend spend hours riding a bicycle, travelling and being out. Im looking for people to share free time  or  meet for a beer and chat.

Anybody ? :-)


I lived in the US for 7 years (did my grad school there) and just came back to Poland. I had lived in Warsaw before but because of the long 'break' I kind of feel I'm new in the city. Are there any international people here that would like to explore the city together?


I'm spanish girl, i would interested :)

Hello Warsaw is a good city to live and to explore. I would love to talk to you some day, and maybe i can show you the city.
I'm spanish, but i speak english pretty good but it's always good to improve it. Contact to me if you want

hi how r you? I m going to be in Warsaw on 11thJuly, Lets meet and have fun together:)

Hi Magda, I m coming to Warsaw on 11th of July, will love your company , and explore city, walk and talk, and walk :)

Hi Natalia:) I'll be in Warsaw on 11th, so let's meet anytime. Thanks,

Hey hi i m Saurabh Working as an indian Ayurveda doctor in warsaw.

Hi nice to meet you

I just arrived Warsaw and hope to meet local people. Can we be friends?

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