Bagels in BA

Do bagels exist in BA?  Argentines love cream cheese...but what exactly do they put it on?  Does anybody know of a bagel shop or a pastry shop that sells bagels?


Bagels are a tricky food to find in Buenos Aires, let alone Argentina.

This article should help with finding places to buy bagels in BA.

Also, Bagelazo is a bagel company in Argentina that I've tried.  I ate their bagels at a meeting and they were very good.  However, I think that they may only cater, but here is the Web site if you want to try and contact them.


Amaranta at Junin 1559--they have everything you've been missing at breakfast-good bagels, pancakes, waffles, omelets, and also good sandwiches

Hey thanks.  Amaranta looks great!  All the American food that I'm missing all in the same place.

Bagelazo in Abasto delivers wonderful bagels and cream cheese with no delivery fee anywhere in Capital Federal:

Now the coffe store Starbucks has bagels. I dont the quality products or prices