Is It Possible To Ship a Vehicle to Argentina Without Visa?

Hey guys I just arrived last week from my third trip out to Buenos Aires.
My goal is to move next year I hope I hope I hope... but I want to do everything in one shot.
Meaning I do NOT want to travel back and fourth to bring my belongings.
My plane ticket alone was 1800 US dollars this past trip and thats alot of money spending on travels.
I would like to pay for one container and bring it all over here in one go and not return to the states.
I do commercial/industrial HVAC work and will not leave my tools behind so the crate option will have to do.
They will cost more to buy in Argentina then it would be to ship them and pay taxes.
Along with the container is my car (if possible) I would love to bring it over but do I need my visa first to bring my car over? Can I do it as a foreigner? I also have close connections with several families in Buenos Aires that can help me if needed.
What about entering in Uruguay or Santiago Chile and driving over?
I am just looking for options and what would be the least amount of struggle.


We did this about 3 years ago so I have some advice, though my wife is a citizen so our process was different. 

The way the containers work is you buy either a half or a full one and put whatever you want into it, including a car.  I assumed they would have a platform to install in the container over the car so you can pack things above it - not true.  all the space in the container above the car is wasted.  Since the car took up half our full container, you'll need a full container unless all your stuff will fit into your car.  (BTW, the moving company told us not to put anything in the car.  I wish I had packed it full since customs here didn't care, and neither did the shipping company.)

You can only bring a car you've owned (been on the title) for at least 1 year in the US.  Also, you can't sell the car here, or allow anyone else to drive it, for 2 years after arrival.  Don't think you can sneak past this.  We've had inspectors show up at our door wanting to see the car and asking who was driving it.

Parts here for foreign cars are EXPENSIVE (a fuel pump and filter for my Mercedes were US$1000 each) and you're not allowed to bring any with you.  If anything needs to be done, fix it before you leave.  That means tires too.

Parts are so expensive due to import taxes.  You can find domestically fabricated parts for less, but the quality is terrible.  Bringing a make that has a factory here would help with maintenance costs.  Ford, Chevy, VW, Toyota all have dealerships here but I don't know about factories.  Buying something here can mitigate ongoing maintenance costs. 

Expect the car to sit in customs about 4 months, and it took ours about 6 weeks to get here from San Francisco.  Also expect about $5000 in "unexpected fees", probably depending on the make of the car (we brought a BMW).  The customs system, and all government, is very corrupt.

Considering everything, i regret bringing our car.  Sticker shock here would have been tough, but the accumulated costs and effort to get it in the country have made it difficult to justify.  Though you're right that cars sell for more here than in the US, all the other fees and such add up fast.  Check here for local prices:[A:camionetas]
I see quite a few older options for  about US$10K, and new for US$20K

I didn't answer any of your specific questions, but I hope this helps.

Hey thanks for your input SiliconValleyEscapee,

Nice to hear you were able to get your BMW through the authorities.
Yes it might have been a hassle and headache for a while but the bright side is you can look at it as an investment as well. The retail of that car selling is alot higher over in Argentina than it is here. When it comes time to sell it you'll probably make close to the amount you paid for it. I have a 2010 mustang and those over here now used are going from 15,000 + in the U.S and in MercadoLibre a 2007 mustang is selling at 700,000 pesos lol unbelievable. Imagine paying that for a 2007 Mustang over here...

Anyways in my situation since I am not married to anyone out there and as a foreigner, I can't ship anything into the country until I have my visa. That is what I learned. Chile does not accepted used cars imported into the country and Uruguay is the same issue as Argentina. You need residency.

I was hoping to open a bank account as a foreigner but I couldn't even do that.

I was hoping to move next year on the go, no problems, and never looking back but that's the case... at least for me. I'm going to have to return again and do my case over there. All I am missing are my background records for this country and of Argentina.

I picked up this handy form from a gentleman in Migraciones two weeks ago who helped explain the process.
The RNR is where one can go to get their Argentine background check.

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