If I were to take a autobus from say Buenos Aires to Rio or Sao Paulo, how much would that cost?

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It will cost you approximately:
To Rio de Janeiro, it will cost you around ARS 640 (40 - 48 hours trip duration)
To Sao Paulo, it can cost ARS 475 (33-40 hours trip duration)

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Hey, that's not bad.

$640 ARS = $161 USD
But,obviously you would need a VISA to get in, right?
Has anyone heard of any plans to change that requirement of needing a VISA to enter Brazil?

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Concerning VISA: To enter in Brazil tourist visa is not required for citizens of Argentina for a stay up to 90 days.

Concerning the plans of visa requirements, can you please elaborate. You mean long-term visa, if yes, I have not heard of such plans so far :/.


The VISA is pain in the ass! Will they ever eliminate it?

Why you want them to eliminate the visa! You are funny :) lol It is just a procedure which may be in some cases sometimes, long, but I think it is a must to get statistics and regulate illegal immigrations, and the surrounding issues!

yeah, I understand. It's just so much trouble to go through for us up here.

Do you use to do this trip (Argentina-Brazil) very often???

I've never done it, but I would like to.

As I understand it the visa requirements for US citizens for most South American countries are set on a reciprocal basis. That is to say that if the US charges for Brasilians to enter then Brasil will charge the same. So to answer your question, if the US drops their charges them Brasil should drop theirs!

There are two main bus stations servicing Buenos Aires with the one in Retiro being the largest by far, ,

and the the smaller one in Liniars, .

This website gives a brief overview of the bus system here:

And if you are interested in local transportation systems, this is a great site: … %20Capital

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[Moderated] The Brazilians charge at least US$120 for an ordinary Tourist Visa to enter Brazil.  They have followed the Argentines in the 10-year validity of the visa - it's a multiple entry.  Now tell me it's just to keep track of all the foreigners entering again.  Still don't get it -- do the math.

Thank's every body for the information