Dentist charges in Buenos Aires

Are dentists expensive in BA?   Has anyone been to a dentist in BA lately and what is your experience with them?  What did you pay for your dental work?  Just curious about the health aspects in BA.

Ello ello,

If your on this part of the world and you want the best dentistry, at a good price, the place for this is Brazil. I highly recommend Brazil for dentistry. They've got around 190 million people and even more teeth. I had root canal therapy there about 2 months ago. This cost s fortune in the English speaking world, I mean, in the thousands. The procedure I had in Brazil went for four days and I was out of pocket 200reals or $110US. The experience was very good as far as dental visits go and Brazilians have a great education system.

Now, I know you asked for details on Argentina, but I can only tell you what I know and to me, Argentina and Brazil, with a $200 dollar return flight Buenos Aires to Curitiba, Brazil (plunarair) go hand in hand. So, if it's a big job you require on the entire grill, I wouldn't look past Brazil. I believe a filling cost around $25US in Brazil in a good dentistry, too. I'll be getting my entire mouth sorted there after Carnival 2013.

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You are funny Gaston (hahaha), Is that all you do is wait by this site all day long????  It is good that you do, don't get me wrong.  I wanted to know about the general health system and teeth is what concerns me while overseas.   I wanted to have some light shed on this subject.    Interesting you say this about Brazilian because it explains why my Brazilan employees had the best looking mouth with bright white teeth.   I had a building maintenance business supplying workers as labourers and I have many Brazilians who were on working visas looking for labour work.  After interviewing them I employed the suitable ones and I have 4-5 of them.    I still prefer the Argentinian people though.   Here in Australia you don't meet any Argentinians, there are many from Brazil, Ecuador and some from Colombia.     I would have loved to employ Argentians if they were in Australia.    The Building Maintenance business was an extension to the Travel Agency.   I operated both and it was easy managing the building side as I grow up in a Family who are builders, but then the travel agency became more busier and I decided to close of the Building Maintenance to give my self a break from pressure and demand.     I do intend to visit Brazil so if something happens to my teeth while travelling I will remember what you said about their dentistry.      I had a look at your website and seems you write book/s.   I have not time to myself at the moment but if some time soon I do I will have a look at your book that was on the home page.   Is that all you do is write or do you do other work as well?


I had a ver bad experience in Brazil (Curitiba) many years ago while traveling the country. I learned my lesson well and understood that good dentistry can be founded anywhere.

I am not going to say that dentistry in Brazil is bad but as mentioned before it was not a nice experience. Anyway, I did some research and I usually recommend a site named

After a while I finally came up with Dr. Claudio Sorrentino (who happens to have lots of good reviews from his patients). I have been his patients since I arrived to Buenos Aires. He is located in Palermo, Charcas 3127.

Again, good dental services can be found everywhere... but having an entire mouth sorted after Carnival 2013 sounds scary to me! :o



Hello Daniel, do not hesitate to recommend this dentist into the Buenos Aires Business directory. ;)

Thank you,

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I live in Buenos Aires at the moment and I went to a dentist in recoleta. I was totally scared as I had tried to go to one in Brazil and it was enough to give me nightmares! I had a pretty good experience there and I would recommend them. The prices aren't too bad but they also aren't cheap. I paid 120Argentinian pesos for a checkup and I think another 120 for an exray. I had a few fillings done but I can't remember exactly the prices. I suppose you could find a cheaper dentist but i'd be a bit scared!

I wrote a blog post about the experience here
buenos aires dentist


I don't remember the exact costs but Natalie is very reasonable and excellent. She is from here but trained in the states and worked for a number of years in the D.C. area. We highly reccomend

Natalie Ferreiro Frasson
Santa Fe 3283 Piso 9B
Phone: 3535-8713

I had to leave a note here since another member recommended C* **.  Before you go to him, read this review I just wrote for Yelp (it is October 10, 2017 as I write this):

I went to see Dr. C**** at Dental Palermo a couple of days ago for an intake appointment, during which he conducted a thorough examination for the purpose of putting together a treatment plan.  He charged 1000 pesos for the evaluation and sent me off for X-rays at another location, which charged 750 pesos for a full set of tooth and gum scans.  He assured me he would send me the treatment plan the following day, which he did. 

Unfortunately, despite what seems to be an impeccable level of care in a clean and modern office, Dr. ***'s rates are absolutely exorbitant for Buenos Aires and I wasn't able to pay it.  He also seems to suffer from the common dentist affliction of dreaming up every possible treatment he could offer and then upselling you, asserting these various treatments are absolutely necessary. 

When I respectfully let him know I couldn't afford his care and that I was forced to seek treatment elsewhere, he morphed from skilled and friendly doctor to taunting, rude, tactless monster.  He openly harassed me for my need to shop around for a better price, and had zero empathy for a patient who couldn't pay his fees.

Look elsewhere, folks... this one will taunt and make fun of you if you don't have an unlimited budget for dental care!

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