Best place for a 3-month maternity relocation?


We are looking to relocate from Melbourne for 3 x 3month stints next year (3 different countries, 3 months in each)

One of the places we are considering is Argentina as I LOVE the country but we just wanted to see if anyone can advise whether it's possible to live simply on $2500 AUD (1500 EURO) per month and where a good area might be?

We will be a couple with a 3yo and baby, we won't be working, just need a basic 2 bedroom furnished place somewhere we can relax and have some family time. We like the beach, small towns and ports, nature, horse riding, and just want to live like locals but somewhere nice, and learn Spanish.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Ravenus, this is Martin, and i like your plan....
I am from Argentina, but since one year now, i live in Chile.
Argentina has so many different cities, from north to south. You have said something about the beach, maybe you can go to a beach city, but i tell you this is not the country to search for nice beaches. (you can go to Brazil instead)
In argentina you can find nice places like Cordoba province, in Buenos Aires you can find a city that i like (La Plata), or you can go to the south, to small cities like Ushuaia..
About your budget, is ok 1500 EURO, of course you will not go out to eat every day, but you can find many things you will like.
Personally i reccomend La Plata, because is 1 hour away from Buenos Aires, and is a beautiful city, with lot of history. Also you will find not many people speaking english there, so you will rearn spanish fast..
If you are stiil looking for information i am pleased to help you.
Good luck.

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