Argentina gun laws

Anybody can shed any light on firearms laws and regulations in Argentina, in particular:
- handguns and rifles;
- sport: trap shooting, IPSC shooting;
- law application for permanent residents/non-citizens;
- concealed carry;
- any difference between various cities and provinces;
- availability of various types of firearms in Argentina, various calibers of ammo (9mm, 40, 45), possibility of importing;

Thanks in advance.

Hi Mango7,

If I may take this opportunity to ask, what about Ecuador laws regarding firearms? Is Ecuador tolerant towards people owning guns?


Edit: Here is what i found on the net about Argentina...

... but I asked a friend who knew the answer, so here is the process:

   1. Pass a psychological test
   2. Provide fingerprints and proof of no criminal records
   3. Pass a shooting test
   4. Provide an income statement
   5. Present your DNI and fill out an application form
   6. In 20 days the government gives you a license as a gun user
   7. With your license, you can then purchase a firearm.
   8. There is a 15 day waiting period while the serial number of your gun is matched to your gun user's license number in a central database. Anonymous gun ownership is not permitted. All guns are registered.
   9. After this 15 day waiting period, you can take your gun home and the process is finished.

There's the process right there. Only foreigners with legal temporary or permanent residency who have a DNI may purchase a gun. If you don't have legal residency, you will not be allowed to purchase a gun. Other than that, there are no other restrictions on foreigners owning guns.

Hello Nemesis5,

For your query about weapon in Ecuador, it would be wise to post your message on the Ecuador forum!

Ecuador used to be a gun paradise before current administration, still expensive, but paradise: ease of getting a gun and a permit, carry anywhere, stuff like this. Not anymore. Socialist views just don't combine with an idea of the population being armed. Like with any other similar idiotic restriction, guess what?: crime's on a rise.
Anyway, here is the link to my article about gun laws in Ecuador