Renting a small apartment in Algiers

How much it cots to rent a one bedroom long term in Algiers (1 year maybe) on avg. or to be specific, per neighbourhood?

I may be looking into a transfer in my company from Egypt to Algier in the near future, and I need to compare the cost of housing to what allowance to expect from the company, thanks

Salam Alaykum and welcome to Algeria :)

If you allow me, I would like to know if you came to Algiers or not yet.
I live in Algiers (Cheraga)and i can tell you that the rent of one room (a studio/ or two bedrooms) is from 20000da and 35000da depends on the place and if this studio is furnished with accommodations or no.

The rent must be paid generally one year in advance, with a contract of course.

My fiancé just came from USA and he is looking for a studio here, but because of the high cost (1 year in advance is around 200 000da)i'm curious to know if you consider collocation. this may make the cost lower.

Ramadan Kareem.