Looking for Business development partner

Hi, Would like to know if any can work with me to develop an existing school. Its new school. I am looking for experienced People who can take up this.


I can help on some advices. We are selling English textbooks from Kindergarten- Advanced levels. We have English textbooks for your curriculum. What's the name of school?
My email contact is : phuong[at]sampta.com, tel: 092 400 998


Iam looking for Complete Management to take part into day to day works and develop the school.


I am a franco-khmer (with a French father and a Cambodian mother)and sound interested by your proposal. Businessman in Cambodia (1969-1975), assistant pharmacist during 33 years in France (1977-2011)and now businessman again in Cambodia (since my retirement in 2011)I like seeing to menage a school, English or French teaching. I am French,English, Cambodian, Chinese and Vietnamese speaking and make acquaintances of a lot of peoples in the South-East Asia and appreciated.

I hope to heard from you soon....

Best regards.

Robert Brand.

Hi, Geek,

I am in Cambodia for about 18months, i have some people are looking for a project like you mention.
In fact my family is in the field of International School setting up from zero to profitability, full management system, curriculum development and marketing. If you want to know more about a pure professional team having experience and proper education of international schools then, you can write me for more.

Do you have any company or website ?
Can you please mention your previous works to my personal msg.

Pass on your contact details

Hi Hi,

Sounds interesting.  You might want to provide more details.
In Phnom Penh? 


Kindly post your details here or send a msg. we are looking for serious partners.


I like doing import-export of everything that I could sell
and planting tropical fruit trees and making livestock farming.
So I am seeking for partners who wish to join forces to my business. I already own big lands and properties in Cambodia but only need to raise more funds to extend my business.
Best regards.

Robert BRAND
E-mail: brand.robert26[at]gmail.com

Is this school looking for teachers in he afternoon? I also have business developement experience but these days tend to do it on a more casual basis...


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