Disgusted with the system

After mentoring at great expense a smart girl from a very poor family to go to university and after 4 years of hard work she finished top of her class and received her teaching degree, a private school in Phnom Penh snapped her up and she commenced teaching at $130 per month, this school charges up to $1500 per month, so now after reading a recent report on teachers salaries it seem she could teach for 20 years and still be on exactly the same money, so to my way of thinking, born poor, lived poor, died poor, I am still sending money to support her, a job as a cleaner in a hotel pays $160 pm, plus tips, a factory job pays $330 pm, as she is very intelligent and smart I have urged her to apply for a bank position which pays $300/500 dollars per month, she has less value than a cow.


Of course mistake to be a teacher, its a profession done for gratification not salary. Now become a private teacher later on to get good pay.


There is nothing wrong with the system, trained teachers with a degree in PP is $1200 - $2500 a month, for a Khmer/ English teacher, fluent in writing speaking English is sought after, and international schools pay well, if your girlfriend is saying she can only get $130 a month as a teacher then you need to do your own research, your being told porkies buddy, just go on the internet and see for yourself, my partner's daughter is a teacher in PP and she is paid very well,

Dear toni 345, thank you for your reply,    ok, firstly she cannot speak fluent english, i am an australian in a 9 year relationship with her auntie and seen her grow up , i am quite satisfied that my investigations have shown that $130 per month is usual for a teacher, my the time she pays $70 for a room, runs her clapped out motor bike, buys personal needs leaves her with about $2 per day for food which is why i am still supporting her to a limited degree, as she is constantly ill due to not eating enough i pay for her hospital stays of $100 per night, so please provide details of the school your freinds daughter teaches so that my freind can apply immediately and start earning a decent living, i stand by my previous comments, but thank you once again for your interest in this matter.

Dear toni345, well the girl making her own inquiries found that her teachers salary would remain exactly the same unless the government made changes,  so, at the end of the month she will start work in a factory at $340 per month from 8am to 5pm monday to friday, at night she will teach english to 5 little ones at $1 dollar per person per night, will live in my partners house receive first rate meals, stop paying $70 per month for a room you would not keep an animal in and for the first time buy luxury items ( to her ) like make up,  clothes, have her nails and hair done etc, so the education department has lost a very dedicated teacher who loved her calling, sadly it is there loss, again thank you for taking the time to reply, Ah Kun.



As your a mentor, it's important to do due diligence, English teachers are well paid for the cost of living in PP, Khmer teachers not so well but with a university degree even starting at primary level at state school, would be $375 -$500 a month, try international TEFL achedemy, you don't say what degree was achieved, or which university, or what Provence which all makes a difference, more research buddy, but a single foreigner living a quite life could be fine with $750 - $1000 a month, Inc rent.you need to go with her to see what opportunities there are, but English & Chinese are the most useful 2nd language in Cambodia today, good luck.

to all that took the time to answer my problem it has been solved and no further comments are needed, thank you all once again.

If it's true...a teacher working in a school getting $130 bucks a month is a disgrace on this country.....oh hang on....it's Not really a country is it.?

It's a family company .

And I've seen enough & moving on. 


Well good bye & good luck, where ever you move on to, do let us all know So we can see what other countries are like, as you seem to think we are all existing in poverty, ta ta.

@Ontheroad57 Noone would disagree that there are many problems in this country, as there are in most Asian nations - poverty, low wages, corruption etc etc. However no country on the planet is without their own issues. At least here the expats can have a comfortable life, especially retirees on a pension, with minimal interference from the government. Good luck with finding somewhere better, it probably won't be in Asia. I hear Romania is a cheap place to live - try that!