Piura: Any people to give advice to a Swiss student


I'm Richard, I'm 22, I speak French, English and German and I live in Geneva. I'm going to Piura for one month this summer, I come on June 1st and I'm try to be in contact with some people from Piura or who knows a little about Piura for some advices or friendship. You can add me on facebook: Richard Weidmann  just say that your from "Expat".

Thanks from Switzerland!

Welcome to Expat.com Richard!;)


Get ready to enjoy the pristine beaches and the delicious seafood, not to mention the cheerful fun-loving hospitable Piurans!

Just make sure to bring enough sunscreen and you'll spend the time of your life :-)

Piura is a small city, unlike Lima, and has been modernized lately with some malls, fancy restaurants & public parks.

Good luck!


Thanks my friend, I'm going reat now in Piura, with my sunscreen.

Hey, do not forget your Mosquito screen (repelent) those little beast could spoil your stay.

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