How to make friends in Peru

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals and other expats) when you're living in Peru :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Peru??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Go to bars.  Go to gyms.  Go anywhere.  Peru doesn't have much immigration or diversity (in my opinion) so locals are excited to meet different people.  In my experience.

Look for other expat forums if you want to mingle with the folks from home. Normally foreigners coordinate meet-ups on these forums.

Join clubs, attend special events, take up a hobby, or even go to church.

There are plenty of ways to stay connected and meet people.

Hi-5 is a Peruvian favorite, you can meet people there too.

In the sierra, for certain, people can be pretty reserved.  Don't be western about invitations: ask people if you can come to their home and share a meal. 

Be sensitive about money, though: it's very very often short. 

If you want to eat at someone's house, suggest that you take some food with you, and offer some money for the gas, once you've cooked it.

Finally, this ALWAYS works: sit in the Plaza de Armas and wait.  :)

on skype or hi-5... or through other friends... be careful though... there are quite a few ppl here that will "use" you...  i´ve been told that and i´ve learned that the hard way as well.

try to go out anywhere and you will find some friends. Here in Peru there are people very polite like me :)

hi i am peruvien here my contact  [email protected]


Hi manuel,

could you please present yourself before posting your email address everywhere on the forum ?

Hello, gringos in Peru, I think it would be a good idea to have a party or get together somewhere in Miraflores in a public Location to meet, talk, make new contacts and new friends.
What do you think? Post your ideas of when and where we can all meet. It will fun to have American friends here in Peru.

Be very careful with people you don’t know it can be dangerous (men and woman).
For know other people you can go to Gym, library, sport clubs etc. Organize a expat party in a public place, this is a good idea.

Hello there. I believe that people from other countries should be quite conservative when meeting knew people here in peru. Peruvian people are quite nice and friendly. Having said that, you cannot trust someone you just met. I think this apply in all countries. However, some peruvians are too friendly and not all people like being treated as if you know the person for several years when you just met him or her a couple of hours or days ago.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday season in peru.


My opinion is the same like Joandelec,here we are nice and friendly ,for sure if You're walking on the street many pleople wants to help You to guide anywhere You wants to Go specially the English Speakers... Enjoy Peru..
I am here for serving You any question,just do it

Hola! Mi nombre es Rita y soy diseñadora grafica. Vivo en Pisco, ciudad cercana a la bahia de Paracas, en Peru. Me encantaria tener amigos franceses y aprender vuestro idioma: si estas pensando visitar Peru..tanto mejor! aqui espero tu mail, me encantara ser tu amiga! Hasta pronto!

Hello Medusa, could you please post in English in this Anglophone forum?


I wouldn't suggest anyone to make new friends in a bar, not even Peruvians ourselves. Our city is still dangerous, especially at night & combined with alcohol & partying. Try studying something (Spanish, computers, arts) or volunteer. There is a wide variety of causes to join & people there are most likely be reliable enough. Stay away from nightlife in Lima, unless until u have made reliable pals u can go to the clubs with. In case of emergency, we Peruvians can't usually trust on the police but on family & friends. And I think this also applies to any newcomer or expat who's just trying to venture into any unknown city. Be cautious & patient, and u'll get to meet friends soon.

Expat reunion? I'm in.

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