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Hi my name is Trilce, Im a peruvian girl and my fiancee i Siddharth who is indian and will come to Lima to live, so we are kind of trying to find other indians living in Peru, we have made a fb group.

Feel free to join, we want to make a comunity and shared our thoughts abt living in Peru and also shared information.



Hi Trilce > why don't you start a group here and share your  informations on the Peru forum. is a network for expatriates. ;)

Trilce Trilce Trilce,,,,,,,

Why Indian,, and why not just eat-breathe and sleep Peru,,,, otherwise - what is the point of coming in the first place.....
not to mention that maybe you can find an Indian Restaurant in Lima ...... bet there are Indians there....
I have been in Trujillo now for over a year.... and...... so far,, no Indians.... none at all....pistachio

Hi Pistachio, I understand your point of view but I guess you spending so much time abroad you might feel longing once in a while that happend with me!... indian culture are very similar to latinean culture, we are fellow gregarius people ;) , thanks for sharing, I found some indians pals in Lima by the way!!!   


Hey I live in SF, it wd be nice to connect  with Indians in Peru

You both look great

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