Volvo xc90 spare parts and repair

Hello guys

I am new to the blog. I have read a lot about the volvo in this blog. However i would like to know if there is any place where i can buy some volvo XC 90 spare parts and repair the car other than First motor company, who is an authorized delar of volvo and their charges are very high, canot afford for a long term. I would really appreicate if aome one could help me finding the place.

My email id. [email protected]


i was driving volvo for 3 years its really dam good car

but spare parts is very expensive

you can find spare parts shop in sanaia old there is 1 shop and have spare parts available

sweeden parts
china & india also

if you want to go more cheaper you can go to hail tshalia

there you can find very cheap used spare parts


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