Getting married in Egypt

Smelserjl. .. yes go to the mogamma and it's on the first floor... The stairs are on ur right as u go in. It's quite a busy place but we were told counter number 42 and we were about 2nd in line and got the stamp no problem. A few ppl did push in front of us but I only ever allow 2 b4 I start staring and shaking my head at them lol :)
I arrived early for my app at the British embassy today loaded down with photocopies and photos etc and they saw us straight away. We filled in a form and paid the money, waited 5 mins for somebody to type it up, they didn't even take my photocopies he took his own.... said we would need them later, which we did. then I signed it and he stamped it and gave it to me.... I was expecting to get it tomorrow or the following Wednesday.  That was such a bonus.
We then went to the ministry of foreign affairs, again a busy place. We took a number and waited our turn.... 15 mins wait then we went to the counter and got our stamp.
I'm back in the flat now, drinking tea.
We definitely do have luck on our side. And I'm so glad I didn't use a lawyer..... that's £400 I don't need to find :)
I was dreading all this after reading your post, Angela, I wasn't looking forward to cairo in general... its 2 busy for me. The best thing about all this for me is hopefully now I'm ahead of schedule I can leave cairo sooner than planned lol. Ironically, im heading to Alex from here to attend a proper egyptian wedding of my husbands cousin.
..... I can guaraNee it'll b a better knees up than my handshake wedding lol .
Good luck smelserjl. ... anything I can do 2 help.... just say the word.

Yes. It's just a stamp on ur visa in ur passport. ... its called a touristic residency stamp I think. They just do it there and then. Mine runs out the same time as my tourist visa but im sorry I can't help with the other question...... I don't think there are any restrictions on leaving. The stamp is free. Good luck :)

This is great information im coming in May to marry my fiance and am scared that I will be forgetting something. Did anyone find out which hopsitals in cairo do the medical certificate??

Yes I second that question. I wonder why it's so hard to find a hospital for this. Don't Egyptians need to do this when they marry Egyptians also?

Another question for Americans. Did you need a religion certificate or just the affidavit it from the us embassy in Cairo was enough?

Did you manage to get married in 1week?

Hi Smelserjl,

Yes, Egyptians have to get the medical certificates when they get married to Egyptians.  Are you only now just realising the prejudice against foreigners marrying Egyptians ???  Egyptians marrying their own don't pay for the certificates either.

ALL foreigners are required to get a legally binding statement (affidavit/statutory declaration) from their embassy that states their name, profession, income, religion among other things.  You should state that you are Christian whether or not you are.  Egyptians don't understand Agnostic or Atheist.

It is possible to be married in Cairo within a week if you are organised, have plenty of money for bribes, and a lot of patience.  You need to know exactly what you need to do and aim to get it done in the mornings because most govt offices close at 2 or 3pm.  Don't do anything on a Thursday.  No one is interested in helping you the day before a weekend and they knock off around 12pm, although not officially.  Good luck.  Hope this helps.


nice info

It is manageable to get married in a week in Cairo I did it in about 4 days but let me tell you it was a complete nightmare and drains you as buildings had been destroyed offices had been moved to different areas of Cairo and people were sending us to different places when really they didn't have a clue either but in the end we did it you got a lot of waiting around so like was said in a pervious comment u need to be up and out for 8am with plenty of money to bribes u can do anything in Egypt with a bribe lol

Hi! Pls help do i do to get this stamp in my visa? I have a 3months residency touristic visa. How do i do to get the stamp and which documents do i need to do this? Thanks

Hi! Pls help do i do to get this stamp in my visa? I have a 3months residency touristic visa. How do i do to get the stamp and which documents do i need to do this? Thanks

No documents, go to Tahrir and get the registration stamp .....

You need to go to mogamma whivh is a delight I did it a few weeks ago and got it stamped in my passport as acresidency visa for a year you font have to pay. To make it easier take someone who speaks arabic. Hooe this helps

Hi! A friend of a friend said I need also to get marry my birth certificate and a comprovation of my address? Do i really need this? All I have is my single status certificate from the embassy saying also my religion (i also stamped at the ministery of foreign affairs), stamps from post office,visa residence touristic, medical certificate i will do it soon... do i really need my birth certificate and address confirmation?

No you don't ..... however the document from your embassy should not just say you're single  .... it must state that your embassy has no objection to you getting married.

Oh ok... the document from the embassy says that I am single, name of my parents,my religion and that i have no impediments to get marry...

Also when i went to mogamma today they said as i have a temporary residence for touristic purpose visa i dont need a stamp on it... it's weird since everybody said i need the stamp. But my egyptian friend askthis to 3 different people there and they said  the same...but i dont trust a lot .. :)

The Egyptian - after I get my marriage certificate at MoJ what should I do in order to prepare the docs for the spouse residence visa in Dubai? Do i have to stamp the marriage certificate in UAE embassy here in Egypt and also in MoFA? What should I do?

this is gonna be too long. Can you please ask your fiancee to call me?

1st u have to submit the certificate from MFA in egypt then in dubai embassy here

The Egyptian- he still doesnt have a phone line there because he just got there... that's why I am asking here to try to understand the steps

Why is gonna take too long if u said is only to get the stamp of MoFA and dubai embassy here in the marriage certificate?
At MoFA  I know I can do in a few minutes and what about at dubai embassy here? Can I get the stamp there quickly?? And can I go there alone without him as probably he will not be in Cairo anymore?

For the marriage contract : Stamp from the Trustee General of the Public Notary, Ramsis St., in front of El Es3af pharmacy

then stamp from Egyptian MOFA

then stamp from Egyptian Consulate in Dubai, then Emirati MOFA.

Your boyfriend's salary in the UAE must be at least 10,000 AED (must provide Salary letter if he works in Government/Public Sector, Ministry of Labor Contract if Private Sector, Salary Letter from Free Zone Authority if he works for a Free Zone company) , he also must have a registered tenancy contract in his name (Called Ejari) + DEWA Bill in his name + Certificate of No Objection from the Egyptian Consulate in Dubai to sponsor a non-Egyptian wife in Dubai + Stamp it from Emirati MOFA + his residence visa (must be stamped in the passport, not the entry visa) + Emirates ID Card (Or the receipt of finishing ID Card procedure if card is not ready yet)

I have just a few more questions:

Someone said I also need to show my birth certificate and an adress comprovation(where do I live) to get marry. Is that an obligation? In this case, my birth certificate is in portuguese. Do i need to translate? Where? And if they ask the birth certificate just because of my parent's names, I already have this info in my non impediment single certificate in english.About address, what kind of paper i need to show about this?

It will ve ramadam soon...the MoJ is gonna open late or close earlier on saturday?
And what about the places to do the medical examinations? Is the same? And does anyone suggest a place?

hello..pia first to u...i dont know how much does the procedure cost to marry in other arab countries but let me tell u as a slovene marrying with an egyptian is not cheap at all...and yes it does matter that egypt is not in haag or vien convection...that means slovenia and egypt doesnt have any agriment about papers....usually if the country is in haag or vien convenction u only have to do 1 notarization/verification...when i wanted to marry i needed 5 documents(all information got from mr ahmad the consul of egypt in the embassy of egypt in slovenia) doc are
-my birth certificate
-proof of my relligion(christ get the paper of baptism, muslim just make a statement that are muslim by themself)
- paper that there are not any impedment to get marry
-paper of ur merital status(single, widdow, divorced)
-your passport fotocopy
all this papers have to be notarizade/verficated.(1 paper 1.35-not expensive)..and than becuse egypt is not in haag or vien convenction u have to take all ur notarizated/verificated papers and take it to court where they make over verification of the first notarization -called apostile(1 paper 2,35  -not expensive) after u finish u have to go to ministry of internal affairs..and do another verification of all 5 documents (again 1euro and something for paper) when u finish this u have to make translation of those document by an official court translator and usually the price is minimum 50(5papers x 50=250) for paper after u do this u have to go to egyptian embasy and they have to aproove those verification and give u 2 stamps per paper, one stamp is 35 wich means 2 stamp per paper so 35 x 2=70 x 5 papers is 350 after u finish this u have to go again to make verification of translations to ministry of internal affairs and for the finish to the ministry of external affairs too...and now u finally finished the protocole of making the verification of papers :S uff
make sure ur fiancee send u a letter of invitation and with that paper go to egyptian embasy to aply for a visa to get married in egypt(dont go there with turistical visa)
and make sure u get married in ministry of justice in cairo so the marriage is official...and of course when u get ur marriage paper u have to do all the procedure in ur own country of translation, notarization, verification to make ur marriage official in ur country too
good luck ladies i have done all of this procedure in 1 month i fly there and than i can tell u more about the marriage itself...but as i heard is nothing romantic...more like jumping from ministry of justice to my consulate and back...:S but what can we do:) we love our habibis:)

and of course the paying doesnt end when u arrange the papers:S the marriage itself with stamps verifications, the dowry ...just the stuff rto get married cost minimum of 300


Maybe my tip will not help you by giving the exact information for your problem but I suggest you to search answer for your question at the site of your embassy (as I would do at mine). I know that they post information about legal steps you have to do in case of getting married and other staff and if you ask them directly (by email) they should guide you step by step what to do.

Best Wishes for you and your fiancé :)

Im not sure about the opening times for offices during Ramadan but that's the only problem I can see u having.
You need to make an appointment with the British embassy bring your fiancé and passports/id's there you sign a declaration stating your not married and your religion they don't ask for proof of your religion so you could just put down Christian this costs 1200 le also take copies of identification.  This needs to be stamped in another office cost about 11le  you need to go to mogamma to get non touristic visa doesn't cost anything just a stamp in your passport.  For the medical certificate there's a hospital near lasoghly square that does them from 12 and costs 80 le all they did was check blood type and sugar level then have a sex talk I didn't have this cos im British. Then u go to thr mof on lazoghly square to get mmarried can't remember how much it was but will ask my husband.  If you need any more help in box me hope this helps

I still didn't understand... some people here said we need the birth certificate to get marry and other people said we don't need. So who can confirm that for me?
I have my birth certificate but it's in portuguese.
In my marital status document certified by my embassy (in english) says my name, that i am single and no impediment to get marry, my parent's names, my religion... is this enough or i still need to show my birth certificate?


Armand wrote:

Hi all,

We invite all the ones who got married in Egypt or who are about to get married in Egypt to participate in this thread :)

What are the formalities to get married in Egypt? Is it the same for a couple of foreigners of for a mixed couple (between a foreigner and a native of Egypt)?

Are the procedures complicated?

How long does it take to carry out all the formalities?

Thank you in advance for participating,


i will share my experiance again:) i will marry in august InshaAllah.... so if both are egyptian its alot easier...but when one is foreign its hard:) but not impossible:) documents i had to prepare were
- my birth certificate
- a paper thats state that there are no impediments so i can get married
- a paper of my single status, or widdow, or divorced...(u must be divorced more than 3 months -widdow more than 4 months and some days)
- fotocopy of my passport
- a paper that state ur religion(  christ-baptism, since im a muslim and here noone could make me a paper that im a muslim couse they just dont do that at least here in europe no) so i wrted my self a statement that i am a muslim

after u get all those papers u should make verification or notarization(dont know the right word) on a high court in ur country (cca 7 everything-done in 10 minutes)

when u finish that u take all papers and take it to the ministry of internal affairs in ur country to make re verification or notarization ( around 13 for all done in few minutes)

after that u take all those papers to some official translator to make translation to arabic
(for one paper cca 50 so 5papers x5 = 250-do not make translations of the verifications and notarizations couse they dont need it...and if u do u will pay 700 not 250 every verification is an extra paper more and extra 50 more) so just the formal document ( done in 1 week)

after u get ur papers with translations u have to go again make verification to ministry of internal afair (again 13- done in few minutes)

after u go to ministry of external affairs and make another verifications(becouse of the translations) 20 done in few minutes

after u have all papers done u make an apointment with egyptian embassy in ur country...go there take the papers and then they have to aprove all the verification ur country did wich costs 70 for paper so 5 papers x 70= 350

aply for visa...dont go there with turistical visa, but aply for visa to get married..your fiancee must write u invitation  in arabic (just write his informations name date of birth, adress) am inviting (your name birth, adress) to come in egypt for purpose to get married ...and signed it...he can then scan and just send u on email....and the fotocopy of passport or ID just make fotocopy and take it with u on cost 60
so u have to wait few days for embassy to prepare those papers....
and u r done:)
just have to fly to egypt now :)
thare is where the nightmare begin:) if u want to bring ur habibi in europe u have to marry only in ministry of justice in cairo
    Lazoughly Square, لاظوغلى، Cairo Governorate, Egipt
+20 2 27922263
before u go u have to go to ur embassy in egypt to praper some more papers u need
u need 50 l.e. family stamp(get in post office)
u need pictures for documents-it has to be white background
u need to do medical exame...but it must be done in public hospital-depend of what mood they r ...maybee they take ur blood maybee they just give u the paper
u need 2 male witnesses,,,after u marry u have to wait cca 10 days for ur matrimony document make it notarizade... thats what i know so far...i did the first part with in august i fly to egypt and get married inshaaAllah and i will tell u all acurate informations:)
ah as i heard in egypt to get married and get all the paers u need cca 300 more

the point is...u have to really love ur habibi...othervise u get crazy with this burocracy and probably start to hatte him and egypt and every ahmed, mohamed ....u met in those offices:D joke my ladies:) we r not the first one nor the last:) other girls did it so we can make it too:D good too all:)

all the prices are in euros...dont know why but the sistem delited the sign of euro when i posted it

i went to Moj today to ask if my documents are ok and they said my single certificate in english must be translate in arabic! Where do i do this is a fast way? Which place?

Mine was given to me in both English and Arabic at my embassy.  Sorry hun dunno where you can go maybe get in touch with the embassy x

hi everyone i need help again...after 4 years alhamdulillah i got married with the man i love,he is an egyptian and iam a filipino,we got married in seychelles and our marriage contract registered already in egypt after long way process alhamdulillah....after our marriage he returned back to egypt n me in the philippines now im back here in saudi to my work,on my vacation i plan to go to egypt please tell me whats the process,my husband told me i just need to show our marriage contract in the airport ,anyone have an idea regarding this issue?looking forward for the reply thanksss

Assalam alaikum,

I am married to an Egyptian and I am from the UK. Whenever we go back to Egypt we just show our marriage certificate and everything is fine alhamdulillah. I advise you too carry your certificate with you when you go out too just in case you made need to show it for any reason. Insha Allah you will have A WONDERFUL stay in Egypt with your husband.

thanks dear...

just in the middle of it
I am an Irish man ... trying ... hoping to marry a beautiful Egyptian woman

All I can say is the process is complex and not for the faint of heart ... and as Malagara said you must love your Hibibi ...

in the end we got a Lawyer and it is still not easy

My documents all from Ireland
Divorce decree
Birth cert for me
Birth certs for any children I have
Cert of income (how much you earn) ... letter from employer or your accountant if self employed
Cert of source of income (how you earn it) letter from employer or your accountant if self employed
Then I need to get these documents translated and certified as translated by a notary public in Ireland
Then I need to get the original documents certified by a notary public
Then to the an office of the Irish department of foreign affairs and have them apostille stamped .. need for the purpose of consular services of the Egyptian Embassy in Ireland next step
To the Egyptian Embassy and have them stamped here .. this legalises  them for use in Egypt .. careful to have the translations done too
Then to Egypt
Then to a public hospital where you get a certificate from the hospital ... both need it .. some do the tests .. others just pay the money and get the cert ...
I needed my certificate of embracing Islam ... rule here is a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man ... a Muslim man can marry anyone ,,, 
Then give all to the Lawyer and hope for the best

Not easy ... and still not there as of the time of the blog ... but hope springs eternal ...

more anon

Will let you all know the out come when the saga come to a conclusion ...

Hello, I am from Georgia. My husband (egyptian) and me have married in Georgia. We have got marriage certificate stamped from ministry of foreign affiars of Georgia and we will take it to the embasy of Georgia in cairo to stamp it. Will it be recognized by Egyptian government? If not, I have to collect all required documents to marry here wich is really hard :((
Anybody out here has the same situation?

it will be recognized as long as it follows the laws of Egypt. For instance, If he's Muslim, you must be either Muslim, Christian or Jewish.

I am a christian and he is a muslim, thou I do not have any paper that states my religion, do i have to obtain it in order the marriage certificate to be recognized?