Getting married in Egypt

Hello Diana,
Regarding marriage documentation process  ,normally you apply at your embassy in Egypt. they should provide you with the document that proves your social status and religion in Arabic language then you stamp it at the ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt , also your husband will obtain his affidavit in Egypt then to the ministry of justice marriage office and get married in one day .
if you will obtain that document in Norway , they will issue the document in your language, then you will translate it to Arabic  their and legalize it at a public notary  and stamp it at foreign affairs in Norway to your language and then stamp it from your embassy .
after issuing the marriage contract in Egypt , you will translated
its better to apply for it at your embassy  in Egypt, you can do that by email , come to Egypt and finish all the process  ,once you will get married here , you will be able to obtain a residency permit as a spouse to an Egyptian citizen .

if the embassy cant offer to obtain the document in Arabic language and i see that its a kind of weird, may be they dont have that option , but normally they must have this option available in your language and in English too , then you get it from Norway , translate it their and then legalize it and stamp it from foreign affairs in Norway , then stamp it at the Norwegian embassy in Cairo.

I am from the UK, I will get married to my Egyptian girlfriend. I am just planning my trip so I know how long I need to be there and to have time to do other things.

How long does it take to become a Muslim and get married? How many days later do I get the paperwork to prove this?

Looking at other peoples posts it can be done in a week?

Thank you so much :)

I can't give you much advice on required documents but please think very, very carefully before marrying in Egypt. It's incredibly difficult to get a divorce, and you will be at your husband's mercy, as it's very much a man's country. Just something to bear in mind and good luck :-)

Are you sure he is loving you or for something else,i am egyptian too, but why your partenr, diffrent calture makes more problems. Be aware for that, maybe he want too have visa or nationalty or some thing else visit your embassy and ask a layer for all details, god bless you

If an.Egypian man.marries an English woman with a British passport, can.he stop her.leaving.Egypt. Also can he stop her from bringing grand children to see their relative's.

1. You can do whatever you want because u can go to the british embassy at any point and request a return. So no he can't stop u. But u can end up in court if you take his kids against his will i think.
2. Girl don't marry a guy if you even think there's the slightest chance he could do that to you. That shouldn't be what your marriage is built on. Take care and make sure you both have aligned beliefs otherwise it's gonna fail.

Hi All

I am British national Muslim and I live in the UK however, I was born in Pakistan and got married in Pakistan 6 years ago but got divorced in Pakistan 5 years ago. My marriage was not registered in UK

Now I want to marry someone in EGYPT.

I have divorce certificate attested from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Pakistan and also got attested from Pakistan Embassy in London.

Would above cover the requirement for getting married in Egypt or I have to get divorce certificate attested from Embassy in Pakistan too?

I saw the UK govt website. It was written as a requirement that I have to get the divorce certificate attest from the Egypt Embassy in the country where divorce took place.

Appreciate your reply.

I believe he can't stop you from traveling but 100% can stop the children. I am an Egyptian married to an American so the same rights don't apply to him but for an Egyptian man, anything can happen. As a woman in Egypt you pretty much have no rights from the divorce and custody perspective you will get screwed. Also, the man can refuse to divorce you. If you are intent on the marriage, make sure that the divorce rights are in your hand not the husband's. The Imam can specify that in the Nikkah contract. Don't make a mistake and let the man have the rights to the divorce. Also of Imam's claim that it's not doable but IT IS and many of my friends did it to secure themselves. I can right the words in Arabic and make sure you marry ONLY under this circumstance. العصمة في إيدك

Takes 10 min to become a Muslim and if you have two witnesses you can get married in about 30 min if both of you are single or have proof of divorce. I think if there will be any delay will be booking the Imam. MA'thoon who officiates the marriage

Hi Shoei

Thanks for writing and sharing..
Very sorry to tell you that I'm not the right person to help and /or inquire...

Would love to help you in any other ways when possible...
Please contact me when in Cairo at anytime.

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Hi, which hospital did you go to, to obtain the papers?

@Yasmeen-Hosni hello Yasmeen, what does it mean to get divorce papers certified? I have a German passport and German divorce paper. Not sure what is required for a document to be 'certified'


certification ... What I had to do

The following is the procedure

1. Get your divorce papers An get a certified translation done .. Google for certified translation in Germany. Now this is certification of the translation not the divorce papers.

2. Go to the apostile office in Germany and they will stamp  the divorce papers as authentic .. Google where the nearest one is.

3. Take them to German embassy in Cairo and have them stamped there.   Ask them where the office of ministry of foreign affairs for Egypt for authentication of documents is and go there and get certified

Apostile and documentation certification is standard practice for all legal use of documents in all countries..

I'm an American man and my fiancée is Egyptian. Do I have to provide any documents for my job and salary?

Hi i am South African. I am married Idlamically in Egypt. Now I am in the process of sorting out my official marriage via a lawyer. Firstly, if you have a letter if No Impediment ( marital

status) note it has to be authenticated by a specific department in Pretoria South Africa. I am a bit annoyed as I asked the Department of Home Affairs to confirm if there is anything else I need to do to the document to ensure I have an easy process in Egypt. They emphatically said no need to do anything. Upon arrival in Egypt, the lawyer informed my Egyptian husband that I need to go to the South African Embassy to have it certified. The South African Embassy informed me that the letter needs to go to Pretoria to have it authenticated. If the South Afrucan Embassy had a working email or phone number it would have saved me 300EGP. That was a return with Uber.

I was informed by the South African Embassy I have to send my NO IMPEDIMENT Letter with a courier which will cost with DHL 2300EGP oneway or registered post which will cost 162EGP and will take 2 weeks to its destination and 4 to 6 weeks for processing then I need to send the courier to collect again. By that time I will have another extra cost by renewing my visa again.

In conclusion to any South  African have all necessary documentation required and ensure your document confirming your marital status is authenticated. Plus have extra extra money for unexpected costs. My Egyptian husband is a pensioner and I am not working because I am not a resident yet.

@M R7 Hi, are you moving to Egypt?, If she is Christian, just make sure you bring copies of everything. Your birth certificate, get them translated to Arabic as soon as you get there at the American Embassy. You should be fine in the beginning. As long as she is proficient in English. If she is Muslim, you can't marry her in Egypt.

You very kind. Thank you

Hey everyone, I am an American man marrying an Egyptian woman--we're both Muslim. Can anyone who has been through this process recently confirm if I am required to show my original birth certificate at any point in the process? I am reading mixed answers on this. Also, when bringing all of the documents to the Ministry of Justice for the marriage certificate, would we receive the certificate on the same day, or is there a 10 day waiting period? I'm a little confused on this as well.

Thanks so much for any advice!

Hello, I know this is an old thread, but wondering if anyone has any advice of this:

I'm wondering if someone can help...

I recently tried to get married in Egypt. I had all of the paperwork required and had been to the British Embassy. I followed every step as per the website.

When we went to get married because my divorce certificate is in my married name and I now use my maiden name they wouldn't accept it and said I needed something to prove that I am the same person. I provided my birth certificate, old marriage certificate and old passport (with married name).

I have tried speaking to the British Embassy who aren't much help at all.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what document I can get to prove this is me?

Thanks :)