is it worth to do a "posgrado" in Argentina?

hello! I am looking for people who have experience with the university degree "posgrado" here in Argentina. I am wondering if the level of these Argentinian diplomas is good and if they are worth something abroad. Thanks in advance for your opinion! Greetings, Lau

Hi Laurondine! there is the Universidad de Bologna in Buenos Aires with some choices in postgrado. Top level and it's valid in Europe!

thanks for the tip, but I already "jumped into the water" registering im the maestria de comercio exterior y integracion at the public university of Buenos Aires (UBA). After 3 months, I can say it is very interesting and of very good level. I am the only European doing this degree, it makes me feel like a pioneer!

There are people from all over South America traveling to Argentina to study for both the cost and the quality of study. There is a high level of Education in Argentina and it could be a smart option to study there as I'm sure it's a lot cheaper than parts of Europe. It all comes down to the Associated you'd like accreditation from at the end of the course and if they will acknowledge your course. I suppose, it also comes down to what you want to achieve out of the course. If you get the same accreditation and recognition as another more expensive course in your home town or city, well why not consider Argentina?

For those considering studying in Buenos Aires: University of Palermo and University of Belgrano are two options. Personally, I'd consider studying in Cordoba; it's cheaper and has a massive university population. Very pretty girls too if that counts for anything.

Good luck!