Learn to speak Spanish "Porteño" style.

Language Barrier? What language barrier?

Anyone living here should already know that Spanish in Baires is a little different that in most other countries. If you're planing on coming here, don't expect to rely too much on any traditional Spanish courses you've taken.

I'll be happy to help you learn "El idioma de la calle." Now that I've got it all figured out, (yeah right) I'm starting to understand what the hell the people on the street are saying to each other.

Anyway, if you want some tips on how to catch on to the local's language, send a mail and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Restaurant update:

I used to recommend the Green Bamboo (Carranza y Costa Rica in Palermo Hollywood) to everyone; however, I ate there last week and it really sucked. I've since heard that they are trying to economize to keep the prices down. Unfortunately the quality of the dishes and the portion size have dropped dramatically as well and the price was no bargain. Better option nearby is Cheviche, a block and a half east on Costa Rica. Great Sushi, seafood, prices are reasonable and they have a smoking area in the rear for those who are still hooked.

For the newbies, don't worry, they really do have Summer in BsAs. We got a taste of it for a day or two last week. Wait until January, hope you have aire condicionado.

Que tengan un lindo día.


Hola Paco!

Thanks for the info about the restaurants! I haven't been to Green Bamboo in a while but I am going to try Ceviche!


Thanks again for the tips.
Buena suerte,

Hi Cori,

Thanks for your mail. If you decide to go to Ceviche, you'll have to try the dish called "Marimoto." It has salmon, shrimp, scallops, and avocado in a sweet sauce. It is exquisite and I'm sure you'll like it.

The site "Bueno Entonces" was very interesting, thanks for sending it to me.

Where are you from in the States?

Are you living here permanently?

I'm always interested in the motives of the EX-Pats who come here to live; sometimes the stories are very interesting.

I teach English and I speak pretty good Castilian. I work for a company called www.121spanishinbaires.com. It is a company where we give lessons in Spanish and English live or online. Of course, if you know someone who would like to learn either language face-to-face with a live teacher, or face-to-face live online via video conference, you could send them the web address if you like.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your mail, and I hope you have the opportunity to try the food at Ceviche soon.

Have a nice day.

Let's stay in touch,


Ahora en español:

Hola Cori,

Gracias por tu mail.

Si decides ir a Ceviche, prueba el plato que se llama “Maremoto.” Es de salmón, langostinos, vieiras y palta. Es exquisito y estoy seguro de que te va a gustar.

El sitio “Buenos Entonces” es muy interesante, gracias por mandármelo.

¿De dónde eres en Los Estados Unidos? ¿Estas viviendo acá permanentemente? Siempre estoy interesado en los motivos de los EX-Pats que vienen a vivir acá, a veces las historias son muy interesantes.

Soy profesor de inglés y ya hablo bastante bien castellano. Trabajo para una empresa que se llama www.121spanishinbaires.com. Es una empresa en la que damos lecciones de español y de inglés presenciales y en línea. Por supuesto, si conoces a alguien que le gustaría aprender cualquiera de los dos idiomas ya sea en un curso presencial o por videoconferencia en línea, si quieres, puedes mandarle la dirección de Internet.

De todos modos, muchas gracias por tu mail y espero que tengas la oportunidad de probar la comida de Ceviche pronto.

Que tengas un lindo día.

Estamos en contacto,


There is a great video tutorial system being offered by a group of friends: