Best place to find work teaching English on the coast in Croatia?

Hello All!

I'm an American English teacher who is currently living and working in Kiev, Ukraine. I will be traveling throughout Europe this summer, but afterwards, would quite possibly like to settle down in some Croatian city or town in late August/early September. In your opinion, which place (I would prefer a coastal town) might be best for me in terms of both teaching possibilities and city attractions, including nature?

My top priorities in finding a good city or town are:
1.) Good opportunities to teach English, ESPECIALLY WORKING FOR COMPANIES (including finding students for private classes) and ability to find them fairly quickly
2.) A place surrounded by beautiful nature (including beaches, forests, and perhaps nearby mountains)
3.) Good recreational opportunities, such as hiking, diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing

While I wouldn't be opposed to working for a school or private academy, I am particularly interested in working for a company (companies).

Please note that I am aware in general of the economic situation in Croatia, but would rather focus on positive possibilities. Feel free to send me a private message. Thanks in advance!


Hi David
Go to Istria !!!!!!!
I hope to move there during 2013, and hopefully will be spending much time near Pula, a WONDERFUL SMALL CITY with , amongst other things. 2000 year old Roman Ampitheatre, stony but nice beaches ( as nearly all of them are ). Several medium sized towns located close , 20 to 50 km away. Wonderful clear, clean, warm ( ali ne, at this time of year, obviously ! ), Adriatic ocean, super mountains with terrific countryside within about 80km. Many tourists, mostly Italians and German speakers go to that area during the ( lijeto mjeseci )summer months . Some of my planned time there is when you also will, be in Croatia.
You never know, but my wife ,who is a Croatian , is also a very high ranking teacher of English in Slavonski Brod. She does an ENORMOUS amount of extra work for the EU , the local University and several local Festivals, and also translates much legal paperwork for lawyers and attourneys. Though that city certainly would not suit your requirements ! It looked beautiful when  I was there two weeks ago, under the snow, but what with the occasional smell of the oil refinery ! ( just bought by the Russians )  NO  WAY ! Even the River Sava was almost completely frozen over , though now that has all thawed away .
There is even a possibility that my wife and I MIGHT decide to open our own skola teaching Engliski jezik ( do you takoder speak Hrvatski ? You would NEED to, HAVE  TO !)
Good luck

Hello David,

(Did we exchange messages via CS?)

I also think Istria is a lovely region. It's easily accessible from Zagreb, is beautiful, and there's much to see and do there. You might find some opportunities in Pula, as MalcomS mentioned. You could also look at Rijeka, which is larger. It's perhaps not as scenic, and not technically Istrian, but it's a great hub for going elsewhere (by car, ferry, bus, etc.). I actually quite like it, and it's only about an hour and a half from Zagreb.

If you're more interested in the Dalmatian coast, Split is certainly worth checking out. As the second largest city in Croatia, you'll likely find more opportunities there. It's a gorgeous place, and there's plenty to see and do both in and around the city.

I also really like Zadar. It's smaller, beautiful, and offers easy access to several islands. Zagreb is about 2.5 hours away by car. It's also home to the "Sea Organ," which is pretty unique:

I don't know which of these places would be best for opportunities teaching English, but you could perhaps do a couple of searches on and see if you come up with anything. (You can type either "engleski" or "english" in the search box for jobs that require English language knowledge.) As with most places, making connections and simply putting yourself out there helps, so I would just start searching for companies and sending out inquiries. I'm actually not legally employed (yet), so perhaps I'm not the best person to advise you, but I did find volunteer work, which in turn helped me get my visa, by simply sending out a letter of interest. I've found that people here are generally very responsive and excited about your interest in their companies.

Hope that helps!


Hello, I am currently living in Canada. I would like to move back in Europe after this year and I would like to move in Croatia. I can speak Croatian and I was just wondering how hard would it be to find a job in Croatia.
  Malcolm, in case you open a school with your wife, and you need English teachers let me know :)

David i would say as a foreigner living here for the past 11 years that here is best to move to when you are either retired or dont need to work. I have an english friend living in Pula and started teaching english but was not enough to get by on,and the schools did not need a teacher, he is now into real estate and mentainance. Another friend here in Rijeka is also teaching but goes to the pupils home just to get the business and looses that money in gas.And yet another who teaches english in high school is also transalting for the courts and teaching privately to make ends meet.
While its very scenic all over Croatia,many foreigners are living in Rijeka now, and of course Zagreb. As one member said Rijeka is more central to moving around to other parts outside of Croatia, Italy is just 1 hour drive  to the border. Here is  a bit hilly however, something some people dont like and its not a big city, no trains or trams , only buses and you need a car to get around to various areas.

I am also looking for a  job in Croatia (near Umag and could be outside of Croatia). I live in Umag, Croatia . I lived in America for 16 years. I speak Croatian and English fluently. Thanks.