Best way to find a job for an Expat?

Good evening all

i will keep this as brief as possible . i am a expat residing in the middle east . my wife is croatian , question is whats the best way on finding a job in Croatia for a expat like me ? I have two degrees and am fluent in Arabic and English . ( malo hrvatski ) .please if anybody has positive advice that could help that would be great .

Thank you / hvala lijpea :)

Hi, I think it depends upon your status ie., are you a citizen or tourist ...and are you eligible to work? My experience is that there are quotas for work and if you have the qualifications however it is possible. Check our with MUP in your area as well as your embassy in the country of residence at the moment.

Thanks for taking time to reply to my post.  I am a British citizen and have two degrees in business administration and aeronautical science.  Money isn't my incentive as peace of mind is. Could you tell me what mup stands for?

MUP is the local police in the region where you will be living in HR(Croatia).

Hi,I will try to be brief as possible.I'm from kenya and in love with croatian guy we have plans I come there what do I need  to do to get croatia visa.thanx

Contact your embassy in the country that you live in. Make an application with all the correct paperwork and documentation. Pay the fee attached to this application. Wait and then keep checking with them of progress. They should be able to tell you more of the details. But the embassy I would imagine is really the first place to contact.

Thank you for the clarification. Currently I'm sending CV left right and center hopefully it works!

The unemployment rate is very high in Croatia with many leaving the country to look for better opportunities ....most expats who are working here work for an international company that transfered them here, that might be the best way to go.....or an on line business.

Thanks for the information~

I'm hoping to do some part time work at some stage but it will be something involving the internet that can be done anywhere in the world. This also means I won't need to be fluent in Croatian.