Riding (Harley-Davidson) in Moscow

Hi All,

my partner and I will relocate to Moscow in March and I am looking for easy going people to ride with. I like Harleys but any brand is welcome, of course :cool:. I will contact the HD dealers, too but any contacts for used motorcycles are more than welcome.

Let's hope the season starts early this year!

Hello and welcome to Moscow.  I decided not to bring my Harley from Madrid to Moscow.  But am currently shopping for one locally.  Definitely be up for some riding so please reach out when you get here.  E

Hey buddy,

I AM there already. However, given the fact that the season is so short here and that I will probably leave by by Feb, I will not buy one here. Am flying to Europe every now and then and ride there to satisfy my addiction ;). In case you make HD friends here and you all gather, let me know, I am definitely in for a few beers!

If you haven't run into them yet, there is always a gigantic group gathering at Sparrow's Hill.  Weekends and weekdays, rain or shine.  Don't know if there are any expats though.

Make sure you do leave in Feb... I came here for 1 year and decided not to buy a bike for the short summer. My contract was extended with another year. Went home and bought a bike.
Renting sometimes is good, but the price in Moscow is just totally unreasonable.