Lost camera

After a day taking pictures on Red Square (wonderful St Basil / GUM / ...) and Kremlin, Gorky Park, ... I went to a restaurant hosted on a boat in Moscow River (I thought it was Porto Franco, former Mamma Zoya, but I found to be Skazka Vostoka) and took some pictures when leaving the restaurant and got a car (unoficial taxi) in front of the restaurant on my way to Frunzenskaya station. Inside the subway I noticed that I lost my camera with all my pics :((((((
Does anybody know what should I do in trying to locate it? What interests me are the pictures. It is a Sony Cybershot DSC-W370 with 8 gb SD card.

You could try talking to restaurant administration but your chances are bad.

This is no Japan or Korea.. People do steal here.

I tried call them, but they canŽt speak English, so I am looking for somebody who can speak Russian and want help me.

It's probably too late now anyway sir.