Driver in Moscow?

I would like to find out if you can rent a car with a driver. People drive here like crazy, I think I would feel better on the backseat...
I would only need occasionally a car for a day.
Do companies offer this? How much it is compare to normal car rent?

Hi Ildy, sure we have! But the problem is in price! It depend on many aspects (like model of the car, english-speaking driver and so on)and varies from $20 per hour to $200 (for Mercedes-Benz S-Class) and can be even more :( but if you gonna visit just a few places and you don't need a business class car you can take a taxi (one way without waiting) ... it will save you hundreds of USD

Thanks, I think in this case within the city I will stick to taxi and for loger trips car rental+husband+GPS combo ;)

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Hi))) Do you still need rent car with a driver?

The metro's not so bad....Helps avoid the traffic etc.