getting married in cambodia


I'm hoping someone can help. My partner and I would like to get married in Cambodia  as soon as possible (we're both Australian citizens). We're getting some mixed messages about what paperwork is required.

As long as a marriage undertaken in a foreign country abides by the laws of that country, it will be legally recognised in Australia.

Can anyone help us work out what is required to marry in Cambodia - paperwork wise, residency timeframe, medicals, translation of paperwork, etc.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


get married downunder, save yaself lotta money and troubles.

I am a US citizen and was married in Cambodia in 2001.  Now I married a Cambodian, so take what I say with a grain of salt, it might be different if neither of you are citizens.

When I did it there was a lot of paperwork, and everything had to be accompanied by a passport sized photo (make sure you get a lot of these photos made, and take extras with you, I was amazed at how many things required an accompanying photo).  The paperwork was obtained by my in-laws there, and if possible I would certainly solicit the assistance of someone living there to ensure the paperwork is sent to you well ahead of time, and is all complete.  I also had to provide a paper notarized by the US consulate there stating that I was not nor had ever been married.  If I had been divorced they wanted copies of the divorce paperwork.  The VAST majority of forms and things we had to submit dealt with proving that we were eligible to marry (mostly that we weren't already married).

If you don't know anyone there, your best bet might be to contact an attorney there to make sure everything is complete.

The Khmer wedding ceremony is quite remarkable.  It will be an experience you both will cherish :)

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