Filipinos living in Algeria

Need help from you guys. I'm planning of going to Algeria and i need all the help i can get.  write me pls. thanks.

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Hi Im Levi I just register in expat-blog, im going in Algeria for work in oil and gas hopefully next year but i have a little bit problem i have psoriasis but don't worry its NOT contagious i need only continuous medication,so is DERMOVATE and ELOCOM or XAMIOL and DAIVOBET available in the market?....Hoping for somebody to answer my querry...many thanks:)

in Algeria, generally any kind of drug is available

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Thanks a lot....see yah there.. inshallah

Hi I am Algerian living in swtzerland, and with my wife who is phillipina.what help do you need?



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hello everybody...
need your help guyz...i want to meet filipino in algeria ...when i arrive in algeria ..before i meet my future husband ...but first i well meet all filipino who live in algeria to make sure im safe please guys help me ..i wnat to be safe my life .... thanks faithfully yours zosweet ..hope i can get info all filipino who stay in algeria ....nchallah

i mean i want to be safe myself thats why i well meet first filipino who live in algeria..i know filipino welling to help me bcs im a filipina girl who love algeria man ..... thanks sincerely yours zosweet...guyz i need your help thanks...nchallah

hello nakapunta kana po ba sa algeria balak kodin sana .. kaso wala pakong idea kung pano talaga as in wala ako kasama then wala pa akong idea pamasahe papunta algeria nandun kasi future husband ko hehe thank u .. sana po may maka basa

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Hello krishamae18 gusto ko rin pumunta duon kso wala tayong consolate s algeria
Hi, everyone i wish that i could travel or having vacation in algeria blida i have a friend there we have known each other for 4 years now i meet him online and i want to see him  and meet him in real  he change me in many ways  he change my views in life my religion i think hes a good man but i  search how i can possibly visit him i think its impossible coz there is no consolate of the philippines in algeria can someone tell me if there is a possible that we can meet or should i say is there a  filipino living in algeria and why is algeria is a restricted country i think they are religious people there i want to visit algeria or possibly living there i hope someone peplies mt message or help me sbout this thank you so much

i am filipina and living here in algeria my husband is algerian. but the first thing i did to come here is i get visa going to tunisia and we get visa to tunisa from here. because as far as i know its imposible to get visa directly here.

are you still here in algeria. i want friend filipino who lived here so i can ask some tips which makes me dificulties living here

Hi there,
I  am a Filipino who has Algerian boyfriend can I ask tips about how to appreciate each other in terms of culture as it is abit different. Thanks

Hi I jist want to ask if arranged marriages are still practiced in Algeria, i have an Algerian boyfriend and I am a Filipina but am worried that our relationship may be cut short if he is going to be arranged to an Algerian woman.

pm me

invite him to Philippines. if he come means he loves you. if he didn't dont trust. im filipina and I'm married to Algerian

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