Chinese girl wants to make friend with you!

I am a Chinese girl living in hong kong!!
I love to make American friends ,because I love USA
If anybody interested in ,write me !!

Hi greatcat

Welcome to! :)

Could you tell us a bit more about you?
Have you ever been in USA?

Thank you.

I never been to USA!but planing to there next year!
Thanks for replaying !

Hi Greatcat,

Welcome to the expat forum, hope you make lots of contacts here along with new friends. I am currently living in Northern California which is home to a lot of interesting sights. Here are some of the things you will want to do if you visit California.

1)Golden Gate Bridge-San Francisco
2)Chinatown-San Francisco
3)Pier 39-San Francisco
4)Alcatraz Island-San Francisco
5)Yosemite National Park
6)Disneyland-Los Angeles
7)Universal Studios-Los Angeles
8)Balboa Park & Zoo-San Diego
9)Santa Monica Beach-LA area
10)Venice Beach-A must see for all visitors-LA area
11)Las Vegas-Nevada (close to California)

These are just a few highlights of the things to see if you come to Californa in the United States. Things are expensive in San Francisco and Los Angeles but these areas will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. Please feel free to contact me if I can help you with anything or with any information on California and it's attractions. [email protected]

Good luck in your future adventures...Robert

Hello. I'm an American overseas, always looking to connect and make new friends, email me.

Hi, Ni Hao

I am in USA.

I like your personality.

Can we talk to each other?

You can email me j***