Looking for a room to rent or a house share!

I'm a volunteer working in Sidist Kilo and I'm looking for a room to rent or a house share.
Do you know someone who has a room for rent or wants to share a place???Please let me know!!

Hi and welcome on board Ulchen!

You should post an advert in the accommodation section of Addis Ababa classifieds.
It might help ;)


I know some one who is teach in sidit kilo university and he lives near nigeria embassy so he need flat mate to share the price. so leave me your contact number

Hi uli,

sorry, i don't have an offer for you, but a question :)) i am going to addis abeba in the end of november/1st december and i am going to volunteer in sidist kilo for at least 6 (maximum 8 weeks) weeks. i am also looking for a room/apartment to share. have you already found a room/house to share?

best regards

Hello verena and welcome to Expat.com!

Why don't you post an advert in Addis Ababa classifieds > flat share section? This may help.;)


i am also looking for a place. maybe we can be roommates. i am sociable. here is my e-mail: contactamanuel[at]gmail.com

thank you

Hi aman_hog and welcome to Expat.com!

You should post an advert in the housing in Addis Ababa section.

Best of luck,

Hi, Christine

I am gld to just join your Expat.com.

Hello, for accommodation, please post post your advert in the appropriate section > Housing in Addis Ababa


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