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I will be moving for a permanent stay to ADD next year and I have to arrange couple of things in advance. I would like to know, does anyone have a recent experience with renting a house / spacy flat in Addis (2 persons + space enough to have part time guests)? My budget will be something like 1.500,- USD per month. maybe more. Is that enough? What are the possibilities ? Old houses only or are there any new constructions in progress ?

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PS. I have an experience with ADD from my several previous stays - however max. 14 days.

I just returned from Addis, after a couple of weeks stay. I have made various visits in the last couple of years. Your budget of $1,500 USD a month for a house/aparment rental is more than sufficient. I am particularly familiar with the sub-division Ayat (about 10 - 15 minutes from the center of the city), you can get a large four bedroom/two bath house with a garden and gated compound for 4,000 to 6,000 Birr or $400 to $600 USD.
My husband and I are planning to make a move in the summer of 2009 and I was making inquires about such things during my recent visit. I may be able to put you in touch with the rental office there if you are interested. Speaking Amharic helps a great deal when negotiating such matters!

Esther (wife of Anatolant)

I am looking for a nice comfy and secure house/appartment preferrable with near by shops/restaurants/bars all near the International Airport; duration 12 months, budget max 1000US$, any suggestions?
Many thanks.

Hi Tomas I am an expat from London its been two years now. I have a new Furnished Apartment I let to clients like you. My clients are the US embassy,EU,OAU,ECA Ernst & Young and short term visitors.
Each Apartment comes with three Bedroom,master Bed with on suite,two single Bedrooms,large living room,dinning room kitchen and toilet/shower for a guest. 24 hour security,24 hour concierge service and House keepers when you need them.I will send you pictures soon & the web site will be up and running soon. If my place (Olympia Furnished Apartments)is not to your standard or out of your budget I will recommend you to another place. our price starts from $2100usd plus vat per month.
I hope you find this helpful.

Please note the demand for those kind of properties in a prime location of Addis (Bole area)is growing fast early booking is recommendable.

expatpilot :

I am looking for a nice comfy and secure house/appartment preferrable with near by shops/restaurants/bars all near the International Airport; duration 12 months, budget max 1000US$, any suggestions?
Many thanks.

Dear Expat/Pilot

I have an Apartments for let. It is furnished to a high contemporary style. It is located in the center of Bole Olympia a five story building. monthly rental starts from $995(studio Apartment) and two to three bedroom Apartments starts from $2100.
24 hour security,24 hour concierge service, house keepers on call and Free internet access. All Apartments are fully furnished and comes with balcony; the top floor studio apartments have a roof terrace with a great view of Addis.

Dear Olympus, how far away from the International Airport are your flats? Are there good restaurants with western standards close by too? Are there washing machines and warm water available in your apartments too? How quiet is the area? How many square meters living space do your studio apartments have?
Are the toilets western sit downs or stand ups? Do the studio apartments have showers/bathtubs?
Driver Mike
I will be coming to live and work in Addis and I am interested in being close to the Intl Airport.

Thank you for your inquiry. All our Apartments are fully furnished to a western standard, the toilets are the normal toilets you find in the west.please visit those two site to see pictures of the Apartments and search fro apartments in Addis Ababa or you can view

Tha apartments are best located just of Bole Road which is a five min drive from the airport and close to all major restaurants,shopping centers, bars and clubs and yet it is located 200meters off the Bole Road(Bole Olympia) in a very quite residential area well secured .....

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact me olympusguest[at]

There is a special rate discount for a long term tenant. All our tenants are from the west e,g USA, Australia, Denmark.....



I have a house to be rented.It has five bedroom two kitchen and two living room around Lebu where Varnero has built my house.
Let me know if you are interested or not

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please provide available facility, size of bedrooms, rent etc.. full address to visit.

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My husband and I are moving to Addis in May for 8-10 months. I am trying to find some online websites for real estate agencies to determine where we'd like to live. Currently looking at Bole.
Do you have any properties ? We'd like 2-3 bedroom, fully furnihsed with min 2 full bathrooms, security, and quiet community. Gated community best.
Please advise as to where in can get further info prior to arriving?
Thank you

I have a house that can meet your requirement and the owner wants to rent it for a long time like one year.if you are able to pay around 1344 USD. call or email me if you are interested to know more about the house. Regards, Yoseph

I would like to see some photos if possible?

If other than Bole, for example, neighbouring Lafto, let me know. There could be self-contained (self-gated), two storied, houses, in secure locations.

Will ask the owner and get back to you.

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I am looking for a nice comfy and secure house/apartment preferable with near by shops/restaurants/bars all near the International Airport; duration 12 months, budget max 1000US$, any suggestions?

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I am looking for a 3 bed room apartment in the Expat living area and need it for at least a year. Can any one please help me to guide which area/apartment would be good choice. I have also two kids who will go to international schools in Addis. Thus, request your kind guidance on few suggested apartments which I want to rent immediately from the beginning of September.Also please possible send me the detailed room sizes/facilities including prices etc..Thanks a lot in advance

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I would suggest you to post an advert in the housing in Addis Ababa section. It should help.

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