A day tour from Addis Ababa to Adadi Mariam Rock Church

Updated 2017-05-31 14:44

This is a great day out of Addis Ababa especially on Thursdays and Sundays as there is a weekly held cultural market of the locals on those days.

It would about 9 hours excursion from Addis Ababa. Take the road south of Addis Ababa turning left at the town of Alem Gena.

You will drive 190 km (in total) south of Addis in the Ethiopian part of the Great East African Rift Valley to visit the interesting and still active church of Adadi Mariam which was hand cut out of a single piece rock in the 13th Century AD by King Lalibela, and the Steles of Tiya.

The Steles of Tiya is a cemetery where about 40 huge blocks or rocks are decorated with carvings and erected in honour of local warriors in the 14thCentury AD and it is one of the sites of Ethiopia which was recorded in 1978 by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

At Tiya, you will also have ethnic food preparation class to learn how the locals make bread and porridge from Enset or False Banana Tree.

This is an ideal tour for visitors who want to escape the busy city life and experience the authentic life of the country side people.

With the help of someone who knows the area well you will have a local family visit and attend a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony which gives visitors to share experiences and interact with locals.

If time allows you may have a short visit of the archaeological site of Melka Kunture on the way back to Addis Ababa at the town of Awash Melka.

If you are taking this tour on Thursday or Sunday, there is an interesting colourful cultural market of the Oromo people at the small town of Adadi, and make sure you stop at Adadi Mariam church and the market first before you drive to Tiya. Because the market would not be at its best if you are arriving later.

Enjoy your tour!!

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