Neighborhoods in Addis

Hello everyone

I'll be arriving in May. I'm going to be looking for accommodation 1/2 bedrooms in a safe building/compound. I'm trying to get an idea of what areas are good to look in. I always see people talk about Bole, but rent seems crazy expensive where I'd like to pay 500/600 dollars a month and I don't mind not being in the centre of town, what are my options, that would still give me access to public transport. Any information would be appreciated about neighborhoods  (if you have any apartments/houses on offer please send me a private message) thank you!

You can get a flat around 6killo. Which is the center of a town a well.

Contact a accredited real estate broker . I used  Mashresha found me a place outside of bole for $500 usd a month. Good Luck .. there are bargains out there

Can you please send me the email address or website address in a private message? It doesn't show up on the post. Thank you!


You need to consider where you will be working and if you have children where they will be attending school. Traffic is terrible.

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