can we change visa from visiting to work visa in vienna

my name is kumar

Actually we (me and my wife)come to vienna for visiting purpose,but we like this place, we planning to settle here,
but the thing is how we can do this? bcoz our visa is visiting, how we can change?

pls any body give answer, where we can contact?
what r the documents we need?

it is very great helpful to us
thank u


I don't think so :/

Ask the Immigration Office...

work  visa and visiting visa are completly different things. For work visa you have to have some criteria met such as age, education, experiances and language. This is very diffiicult to get in At for non-EU citizens. You can also only apply to this one when you actually have a job offer. But most of the time companies will not give you a job offer if you don't already have work permit.  You must have some very special knowledge for them to go through all this trouble for you. You must educate yourself better before going anywhere. There are many websites such as where you can get some basic information.

thank u 4 ur reply

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