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Hello all!

I am planning to move to Vienna in August, I can already speak a bit of German, but hope to take a course to get  me up to scratch.

I will be moving on my own and don't know anyone there, so if anyone has any reccomendations of German courses in Vienna where I can also meet people around the same age as me (twenties) they would be great!


Kat :)

You could try University Wien,
I did a Trimester course in there and I think its not really that expensive.
I don't think you will feel lonely here 'cause there are many British here in Vienna.



Thank you, that course seems to be the most recommended :)

No problem :3
You could proly meet peeps of your age in the Course.
I think everyone need German these days they don'T care how old you are to enroll.
Good luck

[at]hobowithashotgun, thanks for the info, I'm also moving to austria by August.. I should be enrolling too. Ciao!


Cheers, cant wait for Summer.

Yeah me too, can't wait to there..

Hi Kat!
The cheapest way to do a German course, whether beginners or advanced would be via, the employment agency in Austria. You are an advantage jobs wise being a member of the EU (see! it does have it's advantages, despite negative press in England!). You would need to register with AMS, and would be entitled to unemployment benefit if you have worked in Austria for 1 day, and paid tax/national insurance. The courses are provided free by AMS. The weather should be hot in Austria, last year Vienna was 35C for a whole month! But the winters ARE colder than in the UK, and longer- November up to April even, although England too has been cold for longer than usual. Good luck, and hope you have success and enjoy your stay in Austria. You could try to nose around the university campus, especially the English faculty, who would be desperate to speak with a native speaker!
Rod604 ;)

Thanx [at]rod604... I'll check AMS..

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