Chartering flights for dogs relocation to Cabarete

Hello to all.

We will be relocating to Cabarete from Raleigh, NC. We have 2 dogs, 1 American Staffordshire Terrier and 1 Shih Tzu mix. We are looking for information on chartering a flight to transport our fur babies this winter. Has anyone chartered a flight? Which charter company do you recommend?

@DeeJeeKing I have been researching the same, coming out of NJ... my pit/bulldog/pug mix pups can't fly on any commercial airlines, and I refuse to put them in cargo anyway. So I was looking into private charters too. I found this company … um=emailIt is expensive of course, but if your dates aren't set in stone, you can try to find an open leg (someone paid to go one way, and the company is trying to fill the return flight for a cheaper rate) But you would have to hope something is open in your route. Another option, book the charter and try to sell the remaining seats to help pay for it. On these flights you can have your pups with you at all times and don't need to be caged.Another option.. I found this great guy named Codie. He owns a licensed transport business out of Canada. He will meet the dogs where they are, board a commercial flight with them and fly them to where you are. Bring that you have 2 pups, if you fly with him, it would be a little cheaper... and much cheaper than a private charter. The pups fly with you, in the cabin, but have to stay on the floor by your feet. They usually provide Jim with bulkhead seats. Check his info out at … =ZbWKwLLet me know if you have any other questions.

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Im moving from NJ to Punta Cana in April. Though my two Yorkies fit under the seat, the charter option sounds interesting.  Thanks for the info.


Thank you so much. I will look into both options.

@DeeJeeKing you're welcome! Good luck with everything...  we are actually in the planning /getting ready stage ourselves to move to Cabarete hopefully by the fall. It is stressful, especially when you have your fur babies to worry about. Wishing you a safe, easy, fun transition to paradise!

@Williad yes, it sounds amazing... what other time would you get to ride in a private jet? Anything for the pups, lol.

@DeeJeeKing. We are planning a move to Costa Rica in about 18 months.  We are also looking into flights with our 2 digs and 2 cats.  Cats in their carriers will be fine.  But we have a lab and a great dane and I will not cargo hold my babies.  I have heard that their are private charters you can buy and sell off the remaining seats to others traveling with their pets or whom just want a private vs commercial flight headed the same way.  Something to think about too.

Let me first assure you that I love animals.  However , I feel it necessary to say something about those who refuse to consider cargoing their pets, and I know many.

There is an old truism: ”If you put your wife and your wife into the trunk of your car and return in two hours, which one will be happy to see you?”.

The idea that anyone would spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to charter a flight so their pets won't experience the ”trauma” of being caged for 6-8 hours has more money than sense.  Your pet will forget all about the trip after seeing you and receiving a treat.

Can we leave the judgement behind please!  It's not necessary.

@Tripp789 there is a long list of dog breeds that are not allowed to fly in cargo, hence some of us have to find other options.


Well we all have our goals and wants.  Obviously your babies mean alot to you.  Many of us dog owners or former dog owners (like me) understand but dont have the means to do as you are discussing (getting a private aircraft to transport them to destination).  Why dont  you drive down in a truck to Miami with your fur babies, and take a cruise ship.  If this is really your move from NC, does not matter how long it takes, does it?


Yes, very stressful. Thank you, and to you as well.

I so appreciate everyone's feedback. Please do not forget there were 2 options provided, not just the private charter. Which I thought was my only option. I reached out to both. I am sure I will be posting again for more information on other things as we continue our process. Again, thank you all for everything.