Moving to Punta Cana with my family

Hello to you all,

My wife and I have 2 kids, and we want to give a new meaning to our lives by setting us in a sunny country :D and more specifically in Punta Cana or in its vicinity.
We would like to have contact with families (French, English, Spanish) that are installed to prepare better this expatriation.

We have to work because even if we would like to be retired, we still have minimum 25 years to work :)

So my career plan is to work in a Hotel / Resort in a management position. I am "trilingual" French / Spanish / English.

We seek more exactly information on education, daily life, cost of living, employment ...

Thank you in advance for all your responses to this post or PM.

Hasta luego.


Welcome to the forums!  Here is my advice to you -  read the forums if you have not already done so.  Then give some thought to your needs and come back and ask us some questions!  That way the information will be specific to you.

I work in recruiting and placement - let me ask you about your work experience.  Where have you worked in hotels and resorts?  What positions did you have?  It looks like you have done extensive traveling and living abroad already!

Tell us about the ages of your children and we can find information for you on schools.  What is your timeline for this move?

Thanks for welcoming me on this RD forum.

First of all, I have already read the forums. More exactly the topics of the last year... And now I have more precises questions :)

I have never been working on a Hotel but I was the Manager of a Hight School restaurant (>2000 meals per day) with 50 people under my supervision. I have always wanted to manage a hotel. Even if I imagine that it's different of a huge restaurant. But a profit center is a Profit Center ! That means customers, clients, people to manage, budget ... sure you are aware of that :)
My children are 1 and 4.
My wife and I, we will come to RD on April : one week on holidays, and one week to feel RD and to go directly to see the hotels with our CV's.

My questions :
- Who are the expatriates living in Altagracia Provincia (Bavaro, Punta Cana ...) ? When I am saying expatriates, I do not talk about the retired ones (lucky ones). So what are the working people are doing ? Where are they working ?
- What are the main school  in this provincia ?
- What do you think about living in Veron or in Higuey ?
- What salaries to expect for a manager posistion : even if not in a hotel ?

Others questions later on


Well I don't live and work in Punta Cana but the one who do and also work,  are likely connected to the hotels, tour operators, excursion operators and tourism!  There is not much other industry there except ancillary services.

Wages in management are directly linked to your experience, position and whether you were recruited offshore or onshore.  I do recruiting and placement services so I have a fair bit of knowledge about this.

Many many hotel employees live in Veron and or Higuey, it is now about a 1/2 hour commute from Higuey.  But you will find that these are predominantly lower level employees.  Often managers get accommodations with their positions.

That being said, without direct hotel experience your options are going to be limited! I will send you a message to discuss that further. I really would like to see your resume to give you more information.

Manager positions - payscales are all over the map!  Again it depends on  where you are working,  what position etc.  There is a huge difference for a GM for an 1800 room resort and the Food and Beverage Manager at a 500 room resort.

I think what you really want to know is,can you live and educate your children on these wages?  And my answer will be depends. 

When are you thinking to move?


Monthly Cost of living in Punta Cana for a family of 4:

Apartment 400/1500 USD
Electric Power 200/500 USD
Schooling 300/1200 USD per child
Gas 600/1000 USD (usage of car is mandatory in the area)
Cable TV 50 USD
Internet 50 USD

Thanks for that feedback. Good point, a vehicle is almost mandatory for a family in Punta Cana.

Good points but you did not include:
electric (AC is very expensive) (most long term rentals do not include electric)
medical insurance, car insurance
clothes and such
Plus many other things I am sure I forgot

Bob K

Bob K wrote:

Good points but you did not include:
electric (AC is very expensive) (most long term rentals do not include electric)
medical insurance, car insurance
clothes and such
Plus many other things I am sure I forgot

Bob K

O yes, there Re a lot more things to consider, I just pointed out my main monthly headaches!! Of course food is to consider as it is more expensive than in the US or Europe!

Been an expat! I don't think you will be pleased in Higuey or Veron, Villas bavaro or Cocotal should be your main options.

About working... Make sure you have something before mooving in, as Planner stated is not that easy to find a placement and payment will depend a lot.

Schooling, you have fully in English Cap Cana Heritage,( extremly expensive) Punta Cana Int. School, ( expensive) Bavaro Bilingual School ( reasonable price 250 usd per month per kid).

As per "who we are" as an expat myself (originally from Spain) here you will finf people from all nationatlities, South Americans, North Americans, Canadians, Europians... Russians, Croatians... etc, etc etc, As Planner said, most of us work in hoteles or busines related with Tourism, this is a nice place to live when having the right income, but it can get also pretty tough!

myself and my fiance and 4 children are looking for info regarding moving from canada to the dominican , as far as what we need to do to obtain temporary residency and eventual permanent residence  , our thoughts were to just bring 50 thousand and buy a small house and bring 10 thousand cash to use till we figure out work or to bring 50-60 thousand and rent till we find a place to buy  , is this possible ? or do we need to have jobs in place before we relocate? , also could you give me any insight as to where we could find work , i am a stay at home mom , and part time photographer but have been in the service industry most of my earlier life so maybe waitress until i can establish a name for myself with photography and my husband runs the safeway distribution center so we are thinking he may need to change careers and he is looking in to TEFL choruses to be an English teacher , unless theres distribution centers there , also where to get the process started ! any info you have would be very helpful!!!
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Candy welcome and OMG. 

Have you been here before?  Have you stayed anywhere but an AI resort if you have visited?

Why Punta Cana?

Read, read, read and read some more on this forum about working, moving, visas, residency and such.  Residency needs to be started in your home country (Canada).

Work is hard to get and you cannot work with a residency.  Pay is very low.

NEVER discuss your finances on a public forum.

Read, read, read and then please come back with questions.

Bob K

thank you for your reply  , i have not been yet but am coming in January but have been to cuba several times (which is where we would rather reside but they do not allow people to live there ,  and have been reading the forums but am looking for answers more suited to my situation , as far as mentioning my finances , trust me i dont have 50 -60 grand right now lol , this is a distant dream that i would like to see if it is possible , i would plan to visit at least 3 - 5 times before coming!! , as i noted my husband is thinking of taking a course to teach English and i would be eventually opening event photography vidography  company but probably just freelance at first so a waitress job would do for some time , i also receive  child support which could be used for housing and food , what would you need in order to work as from what ive read you can work with residency , we are certainly not looking to have the home we have here when we move and would literally be happy in a hut lol , (not quite but close)

I second what Bob said, welcome to the forums.  You will have a tough time. First  50,000 wont buy much of anything in many areas of this country!

Jobs - if you could find a job as a waitress you will earn about  US 300 a month!   And the competition is brutal.  DO you speak Spanish? Does your husband?

What about educating  4 kids  -  private school is expensive and public education SUCKS.   I really advise you do a lot more research on this.

yes we both speak Spanish as do our older children and this is why im here , to ask questions and research!!!

Cool,  read read read honey.

Yes read.

Coming down for a few visits and not at resorts is a good thing.  You might also want to look at other areas besides PC

Bob K

I came to this forum to find like minded people with information and experiences. The replies I'm seeing here are incredibly rude and off-putting. If this is not how they are intended, then you may want to reconsider how you are coming across to people online. NOT helpful at all.

JessMH;  They're not rude at all but realisitic and almost PC in their politness.  It's basically naive to assume you can just move, and get a job whereby you can make a living and support a family.  Running a school cafeteria is also nothing like being a hotel  manager.  Even English teaching is a big nothing.   It better to make your money in rich countries and spend it in poor ones.


Your very first post and you are insulting some or all of us.  Really not a great way to make a first impression.

Sometimes reality can come across as a bit rude or off putting.  Well that is just reality. Like minded people  -  like minded to what or whom? 

Many of us here ARE like minded, we get the reality of living here.  We have decades and decades of experience and we  call it like it is.

Our intent is rarely to offend, but rather to tell it like it is. We try not to sugar coat as much as we try not to fan the flames of fear mongers!

Jess, every once in a while, someone like you drops into this form, leave there disparaging comment, and just as quickly disappear. I agree with thecolonel and planner.

Planner has it correct. Some of us have been here for over 10 years and kind of know how to "exist" here.  The DR is not for everyone.

If you were offended ....sorry.

maybe the DR is not for you

Bob K

Hi Bob, which is a good health insurance provider for services in the area?  Do you know where to go for best medical care?
Thank you!

Best insurance is  Humano and or  Universal.  I can quote you on a group with Humano.  Not sure who can help with Universal in that area. I am a former financial planner, so insurance for me is easy. 

Best clinics in  Punta Cana,  ask when you are there,  the other expats in the area will guide you!

I agree on the insurance. It is relatively cheap but getting more expensive every year. We have Universal and are happy with it.

Bob K